Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shower for Ashley

So glad I was State-side to help be apart of a shower for Ashley and Baby Graham. Although it was a baby shower, there was very little baby too it. We all enjoyed a girl's night out. Most everyone at the shower is already a mommy so a night away from the house was just what we all needed. We enjoyed fajitas, visiting, and bunko. All of the guests brought gift cards so we by-passed the gift opening. It really was a fun night and treat for all of us.
Me, Ash, and Mom

Babies on the way...

Lots of fun friends...

Bunko time


While I was prepping and showering for Ash one of my precious best friends took care of the Bees for me. Caryn, and I have very similar households, so adding 2 more boys could have been a piece of cake or double trouble. Being the most creative friend I have and also very laid back I think it was a success. Thank you again sweet friend for taking on 2 more crazies!

Painting with cars...

Sprinkler time
Stacey, Wyatt, Barrett, Brooks

Delish and fun din-din

Can't go without giving credit to the daddy of their household who was lots of fun too.
Thank you Stacey!!!


Caryn said...

Awwww, thanks for the shout out :) The shower looked darling. Such a great idea for #2. I seriously can not express how much I have enjoyed having you around these last few months. There is just nothing better than having a bestie around to play and talk and hang with whenever you want!! Obviously i wish you were here ALL the time, but I couldn't be more thankful for the time I have gotten to spend with you and the Bees this summer. Love you!!

Leslie said...

Such cute pictures and your boys are adorable - i say that every time. I also didn't know Ashley was naming her baby Graham - LOVE that name. We almost named Ian that but thought it was weird it rhymed with Sam.
Enjoy the rest of your vacation!! I'm sure it will be difficult to leave! :(