Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friday Night Lights

At our house and at our extended houses football runs through our blood. A lot of people might think we're crazy but one reason we've hung around Texas until now is all because of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! Nick was a star in high school football and honestly its just not the same going to these games without him. Plus, I know he wants to be with his boys for this fun.

What's "Fall" without some football, especially family football?? I grew up with my dad coaching on a football field. In fact, I was actually born on a Friday night during half time almost 32 years ago. In addition to supporting Dad's team, the Denton Broncos we also get to yell for my brother-in-law's team, the Lake Highlands Wildcats. The Bees can not get enough football. We all love it and especially LOVE these coaches!

Denton HS game

Lake Highlands Game

Dave's team played at the Pizza Hut Park Athletic complex in Frisco, which made for an awesome first game. They played on Saturday night so Papa was able to come to the game too.

Wildcat Fans!

Kissin' cousins

Coach Hall showing his sweetness to those rough boys!

Ash and Me after a big Wildcat WIN!

Denton Game #2 and their new home field!

Papa and his boys after a great win!!

Having played highschool sports myself, I believe there's nothing better than team sports to teach kids life long lessons. I try to regularly remember to pray for Brooks' and Barrett's future teachers and coaches and I specifically pray that my boys get influences as incredible as Coach Watkins (Papa) and Coach Hall (Uncle Dave). Its not just about a football game to these men and that's what's important. They're servants to their fellow coaches and they're amazing leaders to their players. The impact they're making will last forever.

Coach Watkins

Coach Hall

You know there's some influence when Brooks comes straight home and insists on sleeping with his football Papa gave him after the game. Sound asleep, it stayed with him all night and then Brooks and the football joined us for breakfast!


Sharon said...

LOVE this post!! You grew up with it more, but I feel the same way! We went to the first Greenwood game--away--last Friday! Ha! Love being in that atmosphere! So much fun!

That pic of Brooks and the football in his bed is PRICELESS! Your mom needs to frame that for Papa! Too cute!

Caryn said...

How fun for your boys to get to watch such great coaches in action. As a non athlete :) I love the encouragement of thinking and praying for the boy's future coaches.

Makes me want to go to a high school football game!!

angie said...

So neat!!!! I love all the football shirts:-). Gotta love that Texas football. These pictures are fantastic.

Jan said...

Loved the blog of your wonderful summer. Your pictures and descriptions say it so well! Ah, the incredible value of family and friends. So glad you're now home-safe-with Daddy!

Ashley Hall said...

Oh, I am a little teary after reading this great post! Maybe the hormones are in overload:)! I love all of the pics and love being reminded of our awesome dad and dave! You know Nick would be the best coach, too! Great words and pics!

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