Saturday, September 5, 2009

Family, Fountians, Friends

A few weeks ago we had a day full of fun. We started at Uncle Jimmy's office (aka Dr. Jim Watkins). Since we've moved to Doha, we now get to call Uncle Jimmy our official pediatrician! He's always on call for the Watkins family but we went to see him before heading back to Doha. If you're in Dallas he needs to be your kiddos doc. Shoot, if you're in Doha, he needs to be your kids' doc.

The very best doctors encourage picking each others noses..

Fountain for the camera then you get a penny to throw. Worked like a charm!

That evening we had a blast with some of our Big D buddies. Brooks holding Payton. Brooks looks bit like he's posing for Olan Mills. Not sure...but he does love babies!

The whole crew...

Wyatt with a mouth there anything better that Rediwhip, really?

Miss Shannon put on the full spread sundae bar!

Don't these look tasty!!


Caryn said...

Love it - good call on the Olan Mills tilted head, thank goodness we've got better options than old OM these days!!

Shannon said...

Going to comment on the Olan Mills as well...SO TRUE! We loved having you guys over and loved the time spent with you. In just a few hours you will be back on that plane heading home to see Daddy! Yippee!!!