Sunday, October 4, 2009

4 YEARS OLD and proud of it!

Friday was Brooks' birthday so we did some family celebrating all day long. Friday is the first day of our weekend and also the day we go to church. This birthday has been so exciting because Brooks has really anticipated all the fun leading up to "his" day. Obviously he more aware than any other previous years.

Breakfast on the Red Plate. I offered to made all kinds of special menus but Brooks wanted an Eggo (what he wants every single day) and a smoothie. So the birthday boy got his wish.

We took donuts to his "Friday class" at church so they could celebrate with him. Brooks specifically said BIG donuts, not donut holes.

Lunch was just the boys and Mommy because Daddy had to stay at church. Once again...the Red Plate, full of grilled cheese, tater tots, and his fave, kiwi.

We left these balloons in Brooks' room during the night so he would find them on his birthday morning. Well that backfired! They scared him to death. He came out half asleep/half crying. We have some serious blackout shades in our bedrooms to block out the sun that comes up by 5am. So he couldn't see that they were birthday balloons. Thank goodness for the rest of the day they were lots of fun.

Bear - loving all the birthday fun.

This has nothing to do with the birthday but it made me laugh. Is this a privilege you get on your birthday? Poor Barrett has no clue. He was happy to be the dog crawling around on all fours while his master barked out commands. Paybacks are....

Present opening after a nap! Honey and Tatty sent presents so it was lots of fun to have a pile of gifts to open.

The ever-so-desired gift.

For dinner we went out as a family to Pizza Express. GREAT food and really fun for kids. They just happened to have this fun birthday chair.

Brooks' got to make his own pizza.

Birthday brother...Bear had so much fun being excited for Brooks all day. I was surprised how encouraging he was about all the attention Brooks got. Of course he had a few moments of self pity but for a 2 year old he was great.

Of course he couldn't pass up the opp to sit in the birthday seat and have his picture taken.

Finished Pizza and the end to a great birthday!!

At 4 years old this little Brooks-man is more than I could have imagined or asked for. He's tough, thoughtful, sweet, reserved, careful, curious, goal oriented, busy, meticulous and wants to make Mommy and Daddy proud of him in everything he does. He's certainly teaching me far more than I'm teaching him. Thank you God for a healthy and happy 4 year old little boy. May we be blessed with many more years spent with this sweet thing and all he's teaching us to be. May the Lord bless us with the tools and example to most importantly point him to Jesus and a life style that serves Him. He's God's to begin with (always reminding myself), so I pray we do our very best while we've been given the chance to parent our precious William Brooks.


Sharon said...

YEAH! I'm loving that he got a Leapster!! I had forgotten that how much he loved Lindsey's when ya'll were here until I saw the pic! What a fun birthday-day you had! I would have never known you were in Doha, seriously! You did great MOM!

angie said...

So fun! I love how excited the boys both are. I LOVE birthdays and it looks like B had a wonderful day. happy 4th year little man:-)

Ashley Hall said...

Another great post! That boy...I just love him so much!! And miss him like crazy! Bear is hilarious on the leash! I can just see him barking and acting like a pup!