Thursday, September 10, 2009

So Long Texas, Hello Doha!

So long to great Texas summer sunsets, special memories with family and friends, and cooler weather!!

We are finally back in Doha after a fabulous summer in the States. We enjoyed every single day. We were challenged and blessed far more than I ever imagined. By the time we wrapped up our visit last week we were more than ready to be home. Feels great to be able to call Texas and Doha home these days.

Mostly we couldn't wait to see Nick/Daddy! The reunion has been sweet while the jet lag has been brutal. Every day seems a little better but in the mean time we're still livin' on Texas time. I'm glad I forget how hard it is to switch back to Doha time. These boys sleep and eat at the most random hours during transition. The most amazing thing is they just fall asleep whenever, wherever. They aren't usually the type.

Thanks to an incredible support system, lots of prayer and God's grace, our life and family has only improved since moving to Doha. I HATE being so far away from my immediate family but I'm so thankful for God's faithfulness since we've moved. We came to visit Doha 1 year ago this week before making a final decision to accept Nick's new job. To the glory of God this move and the last year have been absolutely amazing. Life has only been sweeter. There's no doubt we have some serious downer Doha days but those happen anywhere you live. So, here's to another year in Doha, Qatar.


Kylie said...

It feels good to have two homes, doesn't it?! I always thought that was the weirdest feeling when we lived in Namibia, to have my heart be in two places!
But I am so happy for you that Doha feels like home!

shannonmichaelis said...

Thank you jesus for the sweetness! Cheers to one year and what this next year holds. Love those sleeping boys!

angie said...

I know you must be so happy to be home in your bed! I am so glad that you and Nick are reunited. Texas will miss you:-). Have a great week.

Leslie said...

seriously have CHILLS reading this and seeing those adorable pics!!!