Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Last week we took a day trip to Athens, where my mom grew up and where Ashley and I have lots of great memories. We have some deep family roots in Athens. Since my grandmother, Mimi died we don't go to Athens very often but we still have dear family that lives there. One of Mimi's sisters, Aunt Leta and her husband Uncle Mac are both from Athens and are proud to still call it home. Needless to stay our day was a trip down memory lane that stirred a few emotions and reminded us of how much we love the small town life of East Texas.

Where else would we eat lunch but Athens Country Club, of course. Aunt Leta and Uncle Mac only treat their family to A-town's finest!

After lunch we spent some time hanging around their house and beautiful property. Might be one of my favorite places I've been this summer because of the scenery. Nothin' like the Piney Woods! Obviously the highlight for Brooks' summer was experienced this day. Uncle Mac let Brooks drive the tractor. Literally drive...with only B's hands on the stirring wheel. Brave man!

Boys were FACINATED with the pictures he's taken of wildlife in their backyard. Raccoon, Foxes, Owls, etc...

Not sure if the focus was the kids or the quilt in this picture but it worked :)
My great great grandmother's sister made the quilt...

Another fun toy for the boys...Uncle Mac's old restored Ford.

We took some time to drive around Athens a little especially to find our famous street! My grandmother's maiden name is Royall and Barrett's middle name is Royall.

In our house, there's nothing better than a football stadium on your family street!! This is just behind the "Royall" street sign.
(and lookie there, they are painting the Athens Hornet just in time for Friday night)

And this is the precious house my mom and aunt grew up in. Its now a design store and its obviously been updated a little :) But its beautiful!


Caryn said...

What a fun trip. That house is amazing I mean what a darling place to grow up.

Katy said...

Stop it right now. Where do I even begin? I love this post! I mean, from your precious little great aunt and uncle, to the "country club", to the tractor ride and old car, to the quilt--love it, to the piney woods--home sweet home if you ask me---, to the family street--love the history!, and finally the PRESH cottage that Miss Jerry lived in. I can just see her standing on the front steps in the late 50s with a sweet little dress on, some bobbie socks, and a bow. so cute! Please tell her I LOVE IT, and I want to go visit.
Miss you!

Sharon said...

Awwwww....would that be "600 East Corsicana?" (did you say it right?!) Did ya'll drive by Ward. Ln too? That is what I was looking for at the end!

Sweet memories! Great pics!

Leslie said...

you've had such great updates this summer!! so nice of you to go back to athens and visit! who was from there - heather hicks maybe? random!
anyway keep up the posts and pictures - love them!!!