Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dallas Days

We've thoroughly enjoyed our Dallas Days for the last few weeks. Thankfully we've had a lot of opportunities so visit with friends and have lots of play time.

Kate and Jill (best friend from high school)

Bees and Me (plus Anna), Jill and Kate, Karen and Gavin

Just a few weeks ago one of our best friends, Justin and his mommy came all the way from Houston for a short visit.

We spent one evening at the Rough Riders game in Frisco. The boys sat for 4 innings but of course then needed a change of scenery so we ran out some energy on the fabulous playground at the ballpark.

Another treat from Houston was a visit from our other favorite Hall family. Ashley's sister-in-law Kim, is one of my closest friends from Houston. Here we are with all the cousins. I hope Barrett got what he was diggin' for.

Blauser and Junod Crew!
Carson and Brody are twins born just a few days after Brooks.
Little bro Bo was born just a few days after Barrett.

Blonde Boys!

Carson was definitely the Queen of the Day...and absolutely beautiful!

Fun in their backyard. OH, how I wish I could pack their backyard up in my suitcase!

The, Kristi and Carson

Last week we were so blessed to have Miss Anne come over for lunch. The Ryon family is really special to the Watkins. Along side my own mama, I respect and admire Anne more than anyone else as a mother. She's raised the most incredibly godly kids! Her Christian example as a mother and wife is one I can only pray I will become someday.

Watkin Cousins...well 3rd cousins.
Sadly, we were missing Abby since she's now a Kindergartener.

Anna Lou gets tickles from Aunt Julie

Grant and the Bees

They're trying...anything outside for these boys is FUN.

This outdoor activity started fully clothed and quickly turned naked. No supervision at the time. But who cares when they're happy!

Wood working and/or repair with Papa's tool.

Always a ball when Honey's around. You never know what she'll pull out.

Ahh...Dinner out without kiddos Dallas BFF's Caryn and Shannon

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Shannon said...

Miss you already! I was so blessed with the time we got to spend with you! Love you love you love you!