Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Watkins Family Togetherness and Craziness!

This year we gathered together at the Wilsons house for Christmas.  This group just keeps multiplying.  We were missing the Criswells as well as Jake, Lousia and Will.
The Watkins book carries around some good cookin' genes and the theme was Italian! 
Carols and piano lead by Eric and Eli
Chafen scored these beauts!
Celia trying to sell her purdy purse away! 
After the white elephant exchange...the treasure of the night belonged to my dad and Uncle Jimmy.
Their brother-in-law, gave them a handmade footstool.  Its a replica of the footstool that was in the Watkins/Wilson family for about 100 years.  The original footstool was probably made by my dad's grandfather (Dr. J. Wilson), then passed down to "Dottie" Wilson Watkins and on to Aunt Jan and Uncle Jim.  Uncle Jim made this without nails. Its incredible and such an incredible gift from his heart and hands!
Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Jan, Uncle Jim, Dad

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Jan said...

Thanks Wen for precious photos and memories!