Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Friends that feel like Family

Christmas visits are always so rushed and quick.  We of course weren't able to squeeze in as many friends as we wanted.  But thanks to persistent and flexible peeps we soaked up every second we could.  
Just a week before being back in the States my very best Doha treasure (now living back in Houston), Jackie had her 3rd baby boy.  I was so happy we got to see Baby Caleb and his sweet family.  
Later in the week the rest of the Junods (especially Brooks) were able to love on little Caleb. 
Love you La Ro's!!

We grabbed the oh-so-craved Chick Fil A with Shannon and Justin when they were up North in our neck of the woods.
Might be the last picture of 3!  God's doing big things in the Michaelis Family.  They are increasing in number and we can't wait to meet the blessings coming their way.  Adoption is around their corner and this road and story is just getting started!
The Halls and Junods!
Kim and I were in the baby trenches together.  Literally sharing pregnancy after pregnancy and baby after baby.  
Ok so these are definitely more than just friends.  We share cousins with them.  Aubrey's daddy's brother married my sister! I took this picture because Georgia is wearing Aubrey's hand-me-down outfit that was passed down from Aubrey to Anna Lou to Georgia.  I love all the Halls and all their hand-me-downs.  So much better than Doha shopping.
Georgia (1 1/2) and Aubrey (almost 6)
And we spent some QT down on the southside with our besties in Friendswood. The Hopkins just moved in August to a little piece of heaven.  They are such great stewards of their blessings. Their new house/land is fruitful on so many different levels.  It was like going to a little retreat center.  I'm going to post some pictures because I loved it so much! This isn't her blog so I get to show off their little nest. 
Kids chowing down outside.  
The original washer throwin' junkies.
All our babies ready for bed.  And of course Derek.
 So here's the beauty (literally) of this nest in the woods, there is an entire wall of windows in every room.  And their house sits in the middle of what looks like The 100-Acre Wood!  Amazing!  
We spent the night and enjoyed adult time together.  Since moving to Doha, life and the Lord's grace have taken us all so many different directions but these people remain true and so faithful.  Once again...filled up...we were!  Thank you Hopkins for the incredible food and delightful getaway packed with people we love! They are expecting their 4th baby and hosting us all wasn't an easy task.
I will gladly cut the apron strings and give him to her!  In say...about 25 years!
Jenise and I share the expat experience...I live in Doha and she resides in Victoria, Texas.  No offense.  We just share the same struggles.  I love her.  She was all sassed up to do some Big City shopping in H-town.  I, however was still looking fresh out of bed. 
This looks like Jenise and her 3 step sisters.  We weren't quite camera-ready but here's proof that these people were actually there and that I don't have imaginary friends.  These sisters have all come to see me in the desert I call home.  Unreal! We've shared an abundance of heart wrenching wonderful and awful memories together in Waco, Houston, Dallas, New York, Rockport, Gruene and Doha.  God only knows where else He will take us! Thank goodness!
On our way back home we stopped by the new Michaelis abode, which is beautiful.  Next time we're there it will be a house full of volume and chaos. Summer can't get here fast enough. What is in store?
Nick was able to catch up with a few of his favorite boys for a night out.  And we also met new baby Emma Tuley over some pretty incredible Smash burgers.  My camera was absent for both which is a shame.  
We were so thankful for what little time we were able to snag with all these friends who are like family.  God has poured out his goodness to us in friends and I count it all pure joy! 

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Jackie said...

We loved seeing you guys too!!! We miss ya'll! So glad you were able to see so many friends!