Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Houston Part ONE

We settled into Tatty's house so comfortably.  The boys had a fun surprise waiting for them.  New bunk beds!  All week long we just hung out, shopped, relaxed and enjoyed the sights of Christmas together with family.  
Skyping with cousin Annabelle.  We missed her so much! 
 Monday night we went into H-town to see Second Baptist's Crazy Christmas Show.  Oh my was fantastic! Georgia was amazed and the rest of us all laughed and loved it too.

Tuesday night we had our traditional Tamale dinner at Nana and Boppa's house with the Krause crew.
Nana, Karma, Barb, Kathy
Nana and Boppa gave the most treasured gift of Legos to the boys. Cousin Will helped and their masterpieces were created in record time. 
Barrett spent a lot of his play time doing this in Tatty's driveway...never to big for a Big Wheel.
Thursday night was an even bigger Krause family dinner at Tatty's house. I absolutely love marrying into a big family.  When they gather there is a lot of everything! 
Krause Ladies and a few in-laws
Kitchen help! 
 Every year...this talented musical bloodline leads us in carols.
 Aunt Karma and Georgia Jake pullin' for the Texans!
And Friday night was lots of fun.  We stuffed ourselves with fajitas at Lupe's and then headed for the Prestonwood lights.  This Northwest Houston neighborhood has been decorating their streets for decades.  Nick has childhood memories of it.  And they still do a great job.  The boys loved riding in the back of the truck.
On of my favorite themes.
Georgie was a big fan and totally rocked for staying up late to enjoy the party! 
This might be annual tradition. 

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