Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 4 - Friends and Simba!

Our hotel was in an incredible location and had a beautiful view of Hyde Park.  The kids and I enjoyed breakfast before catching a taxi to meet our friends. 
 A bit uncooperative but mommy was a little nervy considering once again the 3 crazies and lots of breakable china! We survived.
 After breakfast we were off to meet some Doha friends who just moved back home to London.  Anni and I had our baby girls just a few weeks apart.  We were sad to see them leave Doha a few months ago but so thankful they were up for taking the train to come spend the day with us.
Big Ben, double-decker Red Bus plus gray clouds = London :) 
Anni and sweet Heidi

Of course Anni knew just the place for lunch and little ones. It was such a treat to hang out with them!
After lunch we headed back to the hotel.  A hotel room isn't a good place for boredom but we all survived.  I packed our suitcases for leaving the next morning and as soon as Daddy walked in the door, Brooks and I were off for a special date.  We had tickets to see Lion King!  Barrett, Georgia and Daddy had a dinner date.
I wasn't sure Brooks would enjoy it or last through the whole show...I was totally wrong. He was in awe and remembers so many details.  He hadn't seen the movie but the costumes and singing were so incredible it didn't matter.  A blessed memory with my Brooks for sure!  The next day we were up and ready to head for DFW! 

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