Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Waco Pit Stop

With our Baylor Bears doing all kinds of amazing things these days it would have been a complete shame not to stop and have a moment of silence (and spending) in the rockin' town of Waco, Texas.  And to top that we spent some precious time with best friends who we love and miss like crazy! 

Right away we went straight to Katy an Sean's for of course more TexMex and fellowship... 
   Georgia, has her pick between cute or cutie.  I love that she's checking these two out.
Who wouldn't eat him up?
 It seems too good to be true sometimes.  These are the kind that know your dark secrets and still proudly stand next to you at your wedding.  I don't deserve it but am so thankful!
There is a weirdness between these boys that's similar to cousins or brothers.  Thank goodness their mama and I walk this boy world along side of each other. 
It was truly a Christmas gift to spend time with these!  Nick and I agreed that our souls were fed after our time together with them! Thank you Svobodas for hosting us and all the chaos.

After good-byes, we skipped over to campus to spend a small fortune, probably a full ride scholarship to someone by making our BU bookstore purchases!  I get it...I finally get the Aggie, Longhorn, Sooner thing...you know the Winning Feeling and adrenaline.  You can't control your pride and excitement.  We must have everything Baylor, right now!  Its ridiculous. Seriously we're flying our BU flag in Doha and I'm sportin my RGIII t-shirt jersey.  Like the crazy Aggies, we're out of our minds. So proud to be Bears!
Few shots of the holy land.


Grant English said...

It was so good to see these pics ...then I see an AUBURN JERSEY!!!!!!!!! What kind of parents have you become???

Roll Tide.

PS - we really do miss you guys!

Caryn said...

Awwww it feeds my soul too !00%. Such a sweet post makes me get teary with gratitude for you and your sweet family, and your sweet words about our cousin buddies. :) Love you and miss you like crazy!!! I loved getting to skype on Sat., but you were so missed.

Katy said...

Loved it! Of course NEVER enough time with you, sister, but so so thankful that you were able to make a pit stop with us. Thanks for that, by the way!!
miss you!
war eagle :)