Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pre-Christmas Fun in Texas

Finally we were on our way to Texas, leaving Daddy behind to work an extra day in London.  When you're ready to be home you don't care about flying alone with 3 kids.  The boys were a huge help!   Seems like when we give our kids no choice to step up, they do.  And eventually the plane has to get there and the flight is over :) Our only hold up was a very long passport control line 300 deep.  We made a few friends and of course met someone who we shared mutual friends with.

As many times as we've flown the boys have never seen a cockpit or been offered to meet the pilot.  This time we scored! 
After landing we made a couple of drive thru stops to please everyone and their Texas cravings.  Then headed straight to bed.  Our cousins were over first thing the next morning!  We were all so glad to see each other.  Jumped right back into where we left off!
2, 1, 4, 3, 6
On Tuesday we were able to see Anna's Christmas program which is a double dose of fun because she goes to Honey's school. 
Who doesn't want to eat her up? 
Honey's fan club!
  One afternoon we got to stop and visit one of best friends, Shannon.  Feel the BU love and spirit!!  It abounds in all of us bears! 
Our kiddos...Georgia's getting fired up for Santa! Next stop! 
She appears more pleasant than she actually was, which is good.  Brooks loved chatting with Santa but Barrett got a little star struck.  He wasn't scared, just seemed nervous. He told Santa said he wanted trains...what? Brooks corrected him and we were set to go. 
Having a little fun after pics in the Real Book Store.  Such a cool place for Santa to be.  
Oh boys! 
 More mexican food! 
Mission accomplished!  She's in love with salsa and queso! Praise the good Lord, she knows what's good for her!
Santa could have brought rain and that would have made these boys happy!  They wanted to run around in the rain but settled for umbrellas. 
Muppet movie and slumber party with Anna Lou!
Girl cousins ROCK!
Friday morning we were up and out the door to play with puppies!! My aunt and uncle recently had 5 Westie puppies.  We had to have a playdate before Santa delivered them to their new owners on Christmas Day. 
Watkins cousins, babies and puppies!
Not pictured are the multiple trips to Cabellas and Bass Pro Shop by Daddy, Papa and the boys! But of course we documented once again MORE MEXICAN FOOD! This time dinner with Aunt Rosie! 
...queso trumps hummus any day! This is a bit ridiculous!


Shannon said...

Oh, SISTER! I miss you! Love the pic of our kids and of course of the one in front of the BU flag (with my lovely Cheatham Elem shirt on! When do you come home? :-)
Thank you so much for taking time out of your time with your precious family to come hang with US! Love you so much!

Jackie said...

Love all these pictures!!! I know Honey and Papa and Ashley and her family loved every minute you were home. So fun!