Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lake! Love!

Just a few days after hitting Texas soil we were on our way to water in East Texas with donuts in hand.  Quality time with the Watkins crew at Cedar Creek Lake has become a highlight and annual vacation.  We are all lake rats so until we reach Glory...this will do. 
Beauty of East Texas
Georgia excited about the lakehouse
Two dudes sharing a little ice cream before bed
Early morning breakfast on the porch to keep things quiet inside
We took a quick drive over to my mom's home town of Athens to visit my Great Aunt Leta and Uncle Mac. Their home and property is a dream!
Little photo set up before the crowd...great for WHS cheerleaders if need be. 
Back on the water...
Bear waving to his audience watching from the house.
Every year we have to initiate a little one into tubing. 
Some call it force, we like to call it encouragement...
either way...YOU WILL learn to LOVE the LAKE (and darn it, you will tube)!!
I don't know why Anna Lou wouldn't want to tube after watching her daddy and Uncle Nick try to throw each other off!
The risk taker just getting geared up for the summer...Lord help us! 
Honey and her Girls
Graham, our sunshine! 
On water or land...always a good time with Honey and Papa's toys!
More tubin'
She really did love it! Little peanut!  
Dave the pro
my baby boy!
my man...grillin!
  Brooks wanted Papa to wake him up to go out with the guys for his first early morning fishing trip.  Successful because he enjoyed it, not because they came home with fish.
No need for the boat, Barrett caught this one wading with Papa. Still not certain about grabbin' hold of that fish.
New suits, given in love by their Honey!
Nothin' better than a ragamuffin' eatin' fried pickles in the woods of East Texas.
Honey and Papa closed out the lake trip with marshmallow shooters (made by Papa)
Cousin hugs good-bye until we get back together again!
Thank you to Honey and Papa for an awesome week together! 


Lindsey said...

what a fun filled trip!! I love the lake. Gorgeous pictures. :)

Kate said...

First of all, BULL that you were 30 min away from me!!! Second, I grew up at cedar creek lake and the Newberry crew would have LOVED to crash your party! :) third, love those precious swimsuits! Fourth, absolutely beautiful header. Your babies couldn't be cuter. Fifth, Next time you're in east tx, you better call! :) good luck tomorrow.