Saturday, August 13, 2011

More Houston Friends

While we were in Houston our dear friends the Livesays came from Victoria to play.  So we gathered the troops and headed South to Friendswood to swim with the Hopkins and see their new house.
Tracy with Georgia and Tanner
Later that night Shannon booked 2 babysitters for our 6 kiddos (5 BOYS!).  Jenise, Shannon and I left our babies without hesitation to join Katie, Tracy, Jennie and Jackie for fun dinner out. 
Justin, Hudson and the Bees
Saying good-bye to the Livesay boys!  Big hugs and thanks for driving to see us.  Such a treat.  We miss you all so much already!
On our last day at the Michaelis Inn, Shannon and I went for a pedicure and some shopping.  We then finished up our evening at their neighborhood pool with a little taste of fish tacos from Berryhill. 
Georgia and Aunt Shani 
(photos courtesy of Shani who is a great photog)
Georgia with the cheezy face!!!
Obviously impeccable form!
Wrapped up the night with a cruise around the block in Mr. Derek's new car...well new to us.  What a blast and pretty awesome that Mr. 6'7" drives a mini coup! 

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