Sunday, May 29, 2011


Pushing through with this post even with all the issues I'm having with the blog. Asking for prayer.

Our flight from Oman landed in Doha about 7pm. We were home and the kids were in bed by about 9pm. I debated about checking all the email I had missed while we were gone and decided to take advantage of the quiet time. After everyone was in bed I sat down to devastating news and learned that a precious little girl I knew went to be with Jesus. My sweet (Doha friend) Kelley, had lost her 3 year old little angel Isabelle on Friday, May 20th. I have felt feelings of shock and sadness so deep its hard to describe.

Kelley and her husband moved to Amsterdam just a few months ago. I was so sad to see them leave Doha and miss out on more time with such a sweet friend and amazing mother. We became fast friends through bunko and playdates but shared even more while being pregnant together and delivering babies just a few days apart. Her son Sebastian was born just a couple of days before Georgia.

Isabelle passed away due to complications from a febrile seizure. In her short 3 years Isabelle accomplished more than most. She gave the gift of hope and life to 4 other children. Her precious little heart lives on in another child.

So what now? My number one priority for this post is to ask for an army of prayer for the van der Meer family. I have been almost paralyzed by emotion as a mother thinking and grieving for Kelley. I cannot imagine the loss and emptiness. BUT I also know we can lean and trust in an All-Knowing God. He is Good all the time and though he allowed it, it did not come from Him. He will and already has made beauty from ashes.

Another reason for this post is to honor precious little Isabelle who I had the opportunity to know. She had the sweet spirit of her mommy. Big brown eyes, white blonde hair and a smile worth more than money could buy.

I never want to take my children and God's plan for their numbered days with me for granted. Now is the time! Kelley is an outstanding example of unconditional love for her children. I will never forget that. Our children are only our's by the grace of God. Its also only by His grace and mercy that I could handle and press through the loss of one of my children. Impossible, without God.

Please please pray for this precious family. Kelley and her kids were home in Missouri visiting family. On Tuesday evening Isabelle stopped breathing during her nap. She was put on life support until her Daddy, Richard could get to the U.S. since he had stayed behind for work. Friday morning they were all able to hold her and say goodbye as Heaven welcomed that precious little life!


Ethan's Folks said...

Grieving for Kelley and her family. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give our sister in Christ support through prayer. What a beautiful little Isabelle and what a beautiful post, Wendi.

Shannon said...

I truly cannot even wrap my mind around it. Of course I will be praying for this precious family. What a gorgeous little girl. You are an amazing friend for Kelley right now and I know this post will mean the world to her. Love you.

Jackie said...

Wendi, I'm crying again reading this. Such a sweet little you said, just like her mommy. You captured their sweetness perfectly. My heart breaks for Kelley and Richard and Sebastian and all who knew Isabelle. Praying to our Lord that he'll give them some moments of peace during this time...

Katy said...

I literally cannot even imagine the sorrow. I am heartbroken reading this. Will be praying for precious Kelley and the whole family.

From a different perspective, we have some friends in our SS class who's 3 year old daughter is waiting for a new heart. Isabelle's life truly gave new life to a special child out there.

Love you, friend!

Caryn said...

I just have no words, my heart is aching for them, I just can't even fathom it. Praying for you all sweet friend.

Jody said...

As others say, it is hard to find the words. Deeply touched, deeply sorry for you and your friends loss.

kate said...

wow! that is so tough! i will be praying for that family as i can truly not imagine the grief! i don't know them and i'm still crying. however, my sweet cousin, joel, lived 10 precious years more than expected because of a heart donor that was about the same age. please remind this grieving mom that she has effected so many lives in a positive way. my family was on the receiving end, so please tell her thank you for being able to see how she could still help others during this time...what a blessing to others! i will be praying for their family!