Saturday, May 28, 2011

O'Man we needed a little Oman!

I have been trying to write this post for a week now. Its a mess because of complications with Blogger.
Last weekend we took a short break from Doha to spend time together and take a breather in Muscat, Oman. The boys played hookie from school and work for a few days so we had a long weekend of enjoying each other, finishing conversations, soaking up the sun, reading, sleeping, eating, etc. The timing was perfect considering the recent move plus a busy summer schedule. The temperatures were extremely high (like Qatar) so prepping and sweating to get the family out the door for site seeing fell off our list of to-dos. Most people recommended that we stay at our resort to relax and enjoy the change of scenery. If we get the opportunity to travel there again, we would love to stay in the mountains and in a different part of the country. But as for our recent get away it was perfect and divinely timed! We are so thankful!

Picture of our resort, the Shangri La (obviously borrowed from their website).

Ready to blow this town!

With Georgia on my lap I felt like we would never get to Oman. Let's just say we're on our knees in prayer about the upcoming 15 hour flight to Houston with Georgia. We need a plan and some drugs!
What is this?? Anyone??
For the random stalker who finds my blog because they google "doha"...Watkins is my maiden name and we're pretty clueless when it comes to alcohol. We didn't buy it so whats the scoop?

We were welcomed in the lobby with the best blackberry iced tea and ice cream for the kids.

Along with the tea and ice cream, they gave us a complimentary room upgrade, which sounded great since we had booked the cheapest and smallest room available.

Georgia ready for breakfast and some sunshine!
Headed to breakfast!

Turns out their upgrade of a room was a bit of a down grade from the cheaper original reservation. There were a few reasons but bad A/C being the number one issue was a problem with temperatures at 117. So, Nick pleaded our case and they not only gave us a room with great A/C, they gave us a family suite. We were totally spoiled and don't ever want to share a room with our children ever again! We had to 2 bedrooms, 2 was a huge gift and such an added bonus to our trip.
Playing at the pool while worked his negotiating mojo and returned with the sweet family suite!
Some view of our resort. 3 hotels, lots of restaurants and an awesome lazy river winding through!

Lazy Liver (as Barrett called it)

Time out, lunch break and cool down with ice towels!

View from our room. Sunset and just before we left for dinner.

Tapas Restaurant for dinner

Breakfast bunch!

This was the new awesome splash pad. We had it all to ourselves.

Views from the splash pad, looking back at he resort.

Beach was so dang hot. I don't know how the boys could stand being out of the water. The sand could burn your feet if you didn't have shoes. H.O.T.

Cold towels were the BEST!

Our little Honey Bee!

Big hugs for brother!

Children were allowed at the Italian restaurant but lets just say we didn't go back. For their sake and in the best interest of our blood pressure!

Little ping pong before breakfast!

More Lazy Liver!

Every afternoon the boys wanted to go to the kids club. So we enjoyed some quiet pool time with just Georgia. Sometimes she took a nap in the stroller and sometimes she stuffed her face with watermelon!

Ready for our last day of bliss before heading back!

Someone needed the time away!

The boys referred to their Shirley Temple as their "Sonic Drink". Bless em...just a few more weeks and we'll be in Sonic Heaven!

Obviously the scenery was completely different than the desert of Doha. The mountains and blue skies clear of dust were beautiful!

Brooks the Omani

Sweet lady took our picture from her knees. I refrained from demanding she not take that angle. Not a great picture of anyone. But proof we were all there.

These are pictures on our drive out of the resort to the airport. So much different than Qatar, yet so close.

I love this picture because Barrett was so enthusiastic to take it with Georgia.

We were so excited to see DQ at the airport...too bad they didn't have ice cream! Oh we're so ready for some Texas time!

Before we get to Texas, we have to get on that plane with Miss G and her wiggles! She seems to do ok with constant entertainment! HELP! PRAY!

If you've hung on all this time...thank you and let me encourage anyone and everyone to read "Same Kind of Different as Me" by Denver Moore and Ron Hall. I don't get the chance to read on a daily basis but our little trip gave me some spare time. I flew through it and it has changed my heart and mind completely. I am praying that those changes are evident in my daily behavior. You must read it! At one point I was doing the ugly histerical cry. Thank goodness it was just Georgia and I on the beach and I had sunglasses on. Amazing!

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