Sunday, May 8, 2011


Goodness gracious moving is not for wimps! We've moved a few times before but I guess I chose to forget the challenge, plus they were simple and without kids! We are still living in a pretty big mess but now that its been a full 7 days the house is livable and we're very happy with where we have landed. Our company made the decision to move us and its been perfect timing for our family. In a way, I consider this move a new chapter in our Doha story. A lot has changed in the last 12 months and this move comes a perfect time.

The new compound is full of families and has great amenities. We already have friends from school and church. Now honestly, as the boxes were being packed I had strong emotions of just wanting to move home to Houston instead of up the street. Moving is a lot of work, why not just move across the ocean and back to family! And its been a bit of a lonely season for me as I've watched so many precious friends move away. But we have a lot to look forward to and be thankful for at our new homestead. The villa feels much more like an American home and some everyday things are just more convenient now. Truthfully, I'm learning none of these conveniences have nothing to do with my identity and are more than luxury to most people of this world. After living outside of the States and seeing such a need for life and hope, I would never EVER want someone to pity me for living here. I will say that a strong sense of community is something I think God gives us all a desire for...a place that is our's and a place that we call home and a place where we feel connected. His timing and plan are good all the time and I'm seeing that. It has taken some perspective but I wouldn't have it any other way than this. I'm excited about what's next here in Doha and in villa, 109!

Not much to show but a big fat mess of boxes...oh and few kids who have loved all the activity.
Moving out of Al Zuhoor Compound
14 guys showed up and went to WORK!

Little collection the movers found in Brooks' side table!

Queen of the boxes!

Nothin' a little Blue Baskin Robbins won't fix.

Could have jumped and popped bubble wrap for hours.

Moving into the new villa...bright gold and orange.
Its actually very happy compared to the rest of Doha.

Downstairs disaster!

Upstairs tornado!

G's room with the boys' train table apparently.

We stayed 2 nights at a hotel while the house was in shambles. It was such a blessing I didn't know we would love so much!

And then our Doha family came to the rescue. 2 days during the week, my sweet sweet friend Libby kept the boys after school until the evening. It was so helpful! And on Thursday, 2 saints, Dede and Teresa came to help me unpack boxes and get things moving. Did they ever! They brought some was insane. They worked some miracles and stepped in just like my mom and family would have done. Speaking of, moving is not fun without family. Mostly I missed their encouragement and the security you get just from uprooting your family. But there is also something to be said for their help with kids, boxes, kitchens, etc. I missed our mamas!
Dede, me, Teresa

Another incredible blessing has been Gwen, one of Georgia's best buddies. Gwen has worked so hard cleaning and helping to get things put in the right room, plus taking sweet care of Georgia when I needed to be in 5 places at the same time!

As we started to live here 4 days ago, the mess got worse...I'm setting aside some pride to include these pictures, but its the real deal. Some very special type A people in my life are near death from looking at these pictures. Its now Sunday evening as I write this and trust me...its a lot better!

This guest/dump room is honestly about the same...I've just added to what the packers dumped out of the boxes.

Got this bathroom under control asap. It was driving me crazy, not to mention by better half, the type A.

One of the favorite things about our new villa is its location to the compound pool. This is looking out our guest/dump room window. The owner of our compound and a few others in Doha definitely throws down the best pools in town.

You can barely see the Bees over there on the other side of the pool enjoying their first Saturday!

Sooner or later I'll post some pictures of a house that's unpacked and settled. For now we live in a mess but are as happy as can be. Come visit and we promise to clean up the guest room!


Christine said...

Love the new digs! Looks so spacious and I love the paint colors on the wall. We are living in the land of white walls! And the pool looks divine. Hopefully all worth the hassle!

Heitzmann Jennifer said...

Seriously considering a plane ticket right now...just to get to that fun pool! Oh and get you to clean up, geez (j.k). I know you will make a beautiful home for your family as you always do! Give me a call when you's about that time to catch up! Loves!

The Johnson Journey said...

Hello, our family will be moving to Doha on June 15 and I'm almost certain we will be living in the same compound. I have been reading your blog and it has been very helpful!

Sabina said...

So sad to see the photos of you leaving Al Zuhoor! But so happy that you have landed in an awesome Compound! Love the photos of the messes...and I KNOW the feeling of moving in and it getting WORSE. I had moments of "Oh, I live here now, I guess I should mop every once and a while ;-)" Miss you 5!

PTA Calendar said...

Holy VILLA!! That place is amazing...and of course its GOLD!!! Makes it even better!!!!!!!!! WOW...cant wait to see more...and that pool area!!!!!! RIDICULOUS!!! LOVE LOVE it!!! Well...say hello and then good-bye to it...time for TEXAS!!!! xoxoxox...Will you be in Houston this summer?

Katy said...

Sister! You know I am your Type A friend, but I am not near death!! ;) You're moving for cryin out loud! With 3 little angels!! Give yo self a break. I mean it. It takes a LONG time to get settled in.

And that pool is AWESOME!!!!! Gah I wish so badly I could come see you!! :( Come back to TX asap!!

Susana said...

First time visiting your blog!
I live in Doha since 2005!
I love your new compound! where is it located? do you mind sharing the renting price? is there anything available?

BTW come over and check my food/recipes blog.