Friday, June 3, 2011

Movin' on Up!

Wednesday was Graduation Day at Apple Tree Nursery. Barrett is officially ready to move up to preK. What a blessing its been to be apart of such an international school. There are quite a few other 4 year olds headed to the American School next year but Barrett was one of 2 Americans in his class.

The best memory of the day was Barrett's introduction. Each child said a short greeting, told their name and the corresponding cirriculum character that their name started with. (i.e. B for Bouncy Ben).
Barrett and the rest of us love his British teacher Mrs. Julie. So when he introduced himself he insisted that his name was pronounced "barrette" (like something you wear in your hair). That's of course how Mrs. Julie pronounces his name so it had to be done.

Singing a special song about "big school"

Hopped up as quick as he could to get that diploma!

Mrs. Julie and Miss Mary

Mama and Daddy with The Graduate

Each child wrote their name while the rest of us sang a little song which again included their name so Barrette got the British version. We loved it and he especially did!

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