Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Georgia's Dedication

We had a special day at church on Friday for our little Georgia. At our church, we don't have full time staff. Preachers and teachers come as guests for Friday morning services and for special events. Last year we heard Pastor Jim Albright for the first time and loved him. He and his wife pastor the International Church of Milan. They are originally from Little Rock, Arkansas and left there 7 years ago to re-plant a church that God called them to in Italy. They are passionate followers of Jesus to say the least! When we found out Pastor Jim would be preaching in Doha again, there was no doubt we wanted his leadership in Georgia's baby dedication. Formal dedications with a big set up aren't usual at our church. We just asked Jim a week before if he would facilitate ours' since he was in town.

So on Friday we stood before Grace Fellowship Church to ask for their commitment to help raise Georgia according to God's purpose and will. Also to commit the gift and life of our baby Georgia back to the Lord. We asked for their prayers and accountability for us as her parents. It was short and sweet but special none-the-less. We believe there is only one way to salvation and eternal life and we pray for the day Georgia will make a personal decision to follow after Jesus and come to understand His precious love and grace that is free to us from His sacrifice on the cross.

Being in a small church sure has opened my heart and eyes to the picture of what God's church looks like Biblically. I'm learning God blesses and inhabits His tiny church in the middle of the desert as much as does His mega church in the middle of the Bible Belt in the US. Our church here has to trust so often on the leadership of the Holy Spirit and God's agenda instead of a well planned program or ministry. Grace Fellowship has a big mark on my spiritual time line and I'm so thankful for what God is teaching us through this church. Friday was special to me as a Believer in Jesus but also as Georgia's parents.

(Whew, that was way wordy...guess I don't want to forget or misrepresent. If you're still here, thanks for hanging in there.)

Nick asking church for prayer and support

Happy happy Georgia clapping for herself.

She had enough of the flower!

After a rough morning with poor Brooks feeling horrible, Nick took him straight to the doc to find found he had severe strep throat....which explains the pictures.

Little prayer I wrote and want to remember to always pray over Georgia for as long as the Lord blesses us with her precious life.

Dear Lord, On this special day, May 6, 2011 we ask you to set apart our beloved Georgia Elizabeth Junod for you and for your glory. Lord, bless her with a heart to truly know you and your Word. Give her a tender heart for others and a heart that falls in love with you above all else. She is yours and only in our care for a short while. Lead and guide our stewardship and responsibility as her parents. May we honor you as we pray for her, pray with her, teach her, nurture her, discipline her, model your example to her and hold up the wonder, beauty and majesty of our Lord Jesus. With humble and thankful hearts for this precious gift of life we pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Jill said...

What a sweet prayer over Georgia. I raise my hand in agreeing with your church in Doha that I will encourage you and pray for you and Nick as you raise G in a Godly house. I pray, as did you, that God will capture her sweet heart and lead her all the days of her life.

Tanya said...

What a beautiful prayer and a special ceremony. (I clicked over from Christine's blog.)

shannonmichaelis said...

First of all, poor Brooks! I saw these on your Mobile Me and wondered what was going on. Strep completely knocked everything out of Justin. Loved the simplicity yet the veracity of this ceremony. Sweet sweet prayer and family time for you guys. Cannot wait to love on and connect with Miss G!

Katy said...

Y'all are just the sweetest family! One of my favorites! :)

What a heartfelt blessing of a prayer for your angel baby. Love y'all, love how you're parenting. May God richly bless miss Georgia girl!

Lastly, that flower headband???? oh my word. Adorable.