Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween-ed OUT!

Whew...Halloween wore us out! We started Thursday, ended Sunday and jammed everything in between.

Nick has great memories carving pumpkins every year with his mom growing up and usually its an annual tradition for us too. Last year we skipped out because the pumpkins are so expensive here and we (I) wanted to save our pumpkins for the entire fall season. But this year there was no stopping us. I can't imagine their Christmas excitement after having experienced such fun over the pumpkin! The cost of this pumpkin was well worth the roasted seeds, the fun and memory made!

I just don't understand how "potty talk" can be at an all time high in our house right now but putting their hands in the pumpkin to dig out the guts is so gross. Puh-leeze!

Brooks looks like he's all into touching it...well he's not! He just likes the idea of getting after his brother!

The masterpiece!

Our punkin' head!

Our sick little punkin head survived the pictures mama had to take and the warm costume combined with temps in the 90s!

I couldn't resist putting her in these weird vines growing in our backyard. Just where a little pumpkin belongs but not for too long.

Poor baby!

Poor french pirates...the make-up artist was in a slump.

Georgia's concerned about Pierre's tight grip!

Mean Pierre with a recent scalp. Opps...gotta a little clipper happy! But it will be perfect for Christmas pix!

A few of our compound friends trick or treating.


Visiting some compound friends for more treats.

Whew...all done, time for bed! For all the grandmothers out there...Georgia has been taken to the doctor and she's on antibiotics. Should be back to her normal smiley self asap!

I'll wrap things up with this Doha Photo we took over the weekend...gotta love it! I could definitely use the real Walmart but I'll pass on this one.


Jackie said...

Ok, once again, Ms. Georgia is TOO sweet in these pictures! I love her to pieces!! Counting the days until I get to hold her. And I'll have to show the boys the awesome Mickey Mouse pumpkin pictures...you know them...they'll love it. Happy Halloween!

Jennie and Eric said...

Lovin' all your new posts! Such cute costumes!

Kristin said...

Cade loves the Mickey pumpkin!!! Loved the outfits. French pirates... so creative. :) xoxo

shannonmichaelis said...

Oh my word, I am exhausted from all the fun photos from the Halloween weekend! The pirates outfits and makeup - hilarious! The earring is clutch. Sweet Georgia with those sick eyes - such a trouper. If we had the same sickness we would all lie around and whine all day. Sweet thing. Love Mickey on the pumpkin, the long line into school, the food at he school party, and everything in between.

angie said...

Love your sweet little punkin:-) And seriously if you and Caryn didn't plan this years costumes I scared! I love reading your blog and seeing your sweet fae 10,000s of miles away.
I'm Halloweened out too :)