Sunday, November 14, 2010

Brooks' Tour Around the World

On Thursday, Mrs Chaplin seriously earned the "Most Awesome Teacher EVER" award! She ended International week with a special Tour Around the World for her preK students. She threw together an amazing experience. She's so creative and willing to do so much for these little people.

Brooks' class took a virtual tour around the world. They traveled on Qatar Airways (by way of youtube) to Lebanon, Chili, Argentina, South Africa, Denmark and of course the USA! And their air craft was flown by a real Qatar Airways pilot (whose daughter is in Brooks' class).

Entrance to their classroom. True QA signs that we see at the Airport!

Passport Control

Real QA boarding passes

Earlier in the week each student made their own passport. Mrs. Chaplin provided tickets, seat assignments and a luggage tag for check-in.

The classroom. Chairs were set up like a plane with seat numbers.

Brooks found his seat!

The details were so perfect. The pilot told the kids all about where they would be flying to and made sure seat belts to be fastened. Take off and landing was a little bumpy and they loved bouncing in their seats. You can see from the youtube clip its actually a video of taking off at the Doha airport. The youtube clip included getting on the plane, finding your seat, eating lunch, etc.

After flying to their destinations all the children visited different countries in small groups of 4 or 5. Mommies in the class set up each of the countries so that the children could visit and learn something unique about each specific region or country.
South Africa

South America

Middle East - Lebanon

HELLO AMERICA!!! Set up by your's truly! Believe it or not. Mrs. Chaplin actually suggested we set up something around baseball and I just couldn't help but throw American Football (not futbol) along with it. The kids LOVED it as you can see by the pictures. And the other mommies couldn't believe we had so much stuff like this from home.

Go Bears, Go Broncos, Go Rangers, Go Hooks

We had real visitors from the US of A!! Nick's dad and StepMom arrived from Colorado the night before. They had no idea they picked a really special week and day to visit ASD. Brooks was so proud to have them there. Grandma just retired from teaching 2nd grade so she was in hog heaven helping set up and playing with kids. Grandpa was absolutely pumped to see so many Bronco fans come through our little set up!!

Our All American!

Brooks beading in South Africa

Having a snack on their departure.

Mrs. Chaplin came up with this idea just a week before and she whipped it out and put together such an awesome experience. The kids truly understood and loved it.

Last week at ASD was really incredible. Through Brooks' eyes I've learned a lot. I feel like I've grown up along side of him while going to school with such beautiful people from so many different countries. My American roots are deep and will always be so much of who I am and who we are as a family. BUT I'm so thankful to be learning to open my heart and personal life to people that look different than us and come from such different back grounds.


Jennifer McWilliams said...

what an incredible end to an awesome week! such a great learning experience for everyone! all those details - wow! way to go team USA :) i know you are loving being a room mom.

Jennie and Eric said...

Oh my gosh! I love Ms. Chaplin! What a perfect idea!!!! So happy you all got to experience such a wonderful week :)

Emily said...

I love your blog! I think your boys go to the best school e-v-e-r. LOVED your pics from international week and what a neat way to make each child feel special!! I can't believe his teacher put together the travel day in just a week. How incredibly creative and fun!! Love it!!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Oh my word - these two posts about the Tour around the World week are amazing!

That's why the Lord has you there - to see His people are everywhere!

Wow - I want to be in Brooks' class. Love your set-up and ALL the Sic-Em Bears stuff. Go Wendi!

Who would have thunk it that you being a room mom would bless so many people. Love you!

Katy said...

Oh I LOVE seeing fabulous teachers at work! Love this! I want to go on the tour! ;) It was too cute---I know AM would have eaten this up.

And---way to go room mommy!! Ok, now next year if I attempt to do this for Kinder, you'll have to give me tips! :)