Thursday, November 18, 2010

More fun around town!

Look what Brooks got from the US of A!

Brooks and Grandma playing library. What an awesome Grandma to always be playing and taking advantage of teachable moments.

The next day we hit one of our favorite hole-in-the-walls, Thai Shack.
Stack the cards to pass the time.

After lunch we went to the world renown, Museum of Islamic Art
The museum opened just as we moved here. This was our first time and I'm glad we went. We thought the pieces were a tad boring but the architecture was awesome!

Barrett working on his museum scavenger hunt

Looks kinda Miami"ish" but wait...there's 20 land cruisers in this picture. Still makes for a pretty sun set! Thanks Doha!

After the museum it was off to the Souqs for a good dose of tradition and culture.
First we walked through the pet/animal section. The colored chicks and bunnies were too much!

Puppies just sitting on a table.

Bunnies, puppies and kitties just hanging out on tables...huh?

Of course, as usual Brooks took a ride on the donkey.

Too bad this picture doesn't say how tired and ever so pleasant Brooks was!


Lindsey said...

LOVE the pictures. I really want to come visit with all these fun adventures you guys go on. It looks fabulous. And I can't believe how big Georgia is getting. So precious!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Love that you always find new places to go to. Fun times with the grandparents. Look forward to catching up on the phone soon.