Sunday, October 31, 2010

Full day!

Friday was a full day for us. Georgia and Brooks were sick so we slept in and skipped out on church but made it to t-ball. After T-ball we went to Doha's Diplomatic Club to hang out for the afternoon with Nick's coworkers and their families. Every year the company gets together to celebrate a job well done for safety. So we enjoyed great food, the beach, bounce houses, a boat ride and some good fellowship.

Ok so before we left we decorated and ate halloween cookies...even Georgia got a little lick.

Then we were off to family day with the co-workers!

View of the Pearl from the boat (similar to the Palm in Dubai) under construction. Check out the villas on the water!

View of West Bay from the boat (downtown area). Little dusty.

Another view of the Pearl from the boat

Zig Zag Towers

Watcha got, Barrett?

The tail end of the chocolate fountain...almost gone.

After wrapping things up with the chocolate fountain and co-workers we took the pirates to ASD for the Halloween Carnival. What an event!!

That is a line to get in the school for trick or treating.

Hannah Montana and her pirate friend.

Poor Georgia

Pouty Pirate

Harris and Junod bunch

This ones for Coach Watkins and Coach Hall....check out the tongue.
Need a QB?

More games...

Headed home!

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