Saturday, November 20, 2010

Singing Dunes and the Pearl

With a drop in temps it was time for us to head to the Singing Sand Dunes with Grandma and Grandpa plus a few other friends. We had a total of 13 cars.

They made it all the way up...something to be proud of!

That toy car is Daddy on top of the dune.

Sunflower stuffed dune basher and dad!

Brad and his Pringles!

Melissa, Lindsay, Emery and Georgia

Cres and Bear

Grill faces by Brad and Jerry. Happy faces by Gary and Nick.

Girl corner

Georgia trying out a few layers for her future trip to the US where its a lot colder!

For their last night in Doha we went to the Pearl. Makes for pretty good eye candy plus a great dinner at the Noodle House.

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Sybil K said...

Just when I thought your Georgia pics couldn't get any cuter...