Friday, November 12, 2010

International Week at ASD

This week was pretty awesome at ASD. We got to experience the true meaning of an international school. Every year ASD has a special International Week to celebrate diversity in the school. I was packed full of activities to honor the different countries that students come from.

To kick off the week they had special opening ceremonies. Plus students wore traditional dress from their home countries.

Brooks and Acacia watching opening ceremonies.
They're friends from school and church too.

Lots of Canadians in Doha

Funny how any assembly at a school kinda feels the same. The students were well behaved but I could feel the sense of freedom from the classroom. Everyone was proud of "who they were" and it was a fun rivalry atmosphere. There are over 1000 students at ASD so the gym was PACKED OUT. Most of opening ceremonies consisted of a flag presentation with over 60 countries represented. Each flag was carried by the youngest and oldest student at ASD from their specific country.

The flags were all set up on stands after the presentation.

Brooks was overwhelmed with the volume.

Random but neccessary...Georgia isn't taking to baby food very easily. I've been so "pioneer womanish" by making my own baby food for her. She's just not having it. So this week when I was tired of trying she got Brooks' left over corn on the cobb :) Loved it, of course!

Day 2 of International Day was hat day. Not sure why...maybe just a fun "spirit" day. Of course Brooks chose his All-American football team, that can't be worn without the jersey. Go Broncos!

Tuesday students wore their country colors. No pics.

And Wednesday was country colors day again plus an enormous International Buffet.
Brooks' class had a little parade over to the gym where they snacked on all the amazing food.

Gotta love the American stuff....chocolate chip cookies, apple and pumpkin pie, KFC, Krispy Kreme, Ranch Dressing (with veggies), Peppridge Farm Gold Fish, etc. hot dogs, hamburgers, etc. Hello America..we enjoy and eat JUNK!


Brooks' teachers and a few other classmates

The awesome Mrs. Chaplin plus Brooks' art teacher. Both from South Africa...decked out in their gear! Gotta love the baby on the back!

Since I'm a homeroom mom my hands were needed to help these little ones fill and carry their plates through the buffet. So glad I got to experience this week with Brooks.

Brooks is 1 of 4 Americans in his class.

One last picture of Little Sister giving her cheeks a little rest

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Sabina said...

Miss you so much! So happy you are loving the homeroom mom job! You are doing a fantastic job! We are sad to be missing international week! I always went to opening ceremony and cried. So touching and amazing! As for baby food, nathan skipped right to real food, at about 10 months, never would eat baby food, and he survived!
Miss you 5! Biny