Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Colorado comes to Doha!

Grandma and Grandpa arrived in Doha about midnight on Wednesday night and they brought amazing weather to Doha. Basically they brought us Summer in Colorado.

Their first morning in the desert was spent at ASD and the rest of their time here has been an awesome vacation for all of us. Nick has been off work (most of the time) and the boys are out of school for the national/Islamic holiday Eid.

They came loaded with a few surprises. Bronco gear of course!

Friday afternoon we headed North to check out the beach. We were the only was a little crowded but the weather was perfect.

I can't get enough of this on a daily basis. She loves to give some open mouth kisses!

On Saturday morning we were up to grub at Ric's Kountry Kitchen and then off to the Corniche to walk and ride off the calories.
Georgie enjoyed a little Transformer for her breakfast. Little sister sat in the highchair for the first time!

Tickles so bad it hurts!

Love bugs!

She loves it!

Just a few of the many pictures we've taken. We're having lots of fun doing Doha with Grandma an Grandpa!!

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shannonmichaelis said...

Oh my word - Nick on a tricycle!

Love the Broncos gear, Georgia in a highchair!, open mouth kisses, and fun times with company.

Also love those Bears shirts (aka Target special)....