Saturday, October 30, 2010

No more Duncans in Doha!

I'm so out of the blogging world and this is one of the reasons! I've been in denial for a few weeks!! Our dear friends the Duncans have officially moved back to Houston from Doha. It was extremely hard to see them go. In the last 4 1/2 months 5 of my very close friends have moved away. Its absolutely no fun! Over the summer I was in Texas when 3 of them left so I missed their last weeks, days and hours, here in this special place we call home.

Before we moved to Doha, I had no idea what to expect but I prayed God would bless me with just one friend. Well His cup overflows and He has poured out on me what He knows I cherish and hold close to my heart...girlfriends! Donna and Macie knocked on our door, Day 1 of Doha. She immediately welcomed us like we had been friends for years! Within hours we were sharing our life stories and planning our first Doha Thanksgiving over french fries at McDonalds. 2 years have passed and we've made life long friends with life long memories. Maybe we'll land another work assignment together or maybe we'll just catch each other in Houston. One thing I know for sure is that Doha was a special place because the Duncans were here! We will miss them so much!!

To send the Duncans out of Doha we took a Dhow boat cruise last weekend. The boat cruised the cornich and prepared and awesome dinner. It was a fun adult night out!

Took this picture on our way to get on the boat. The moon was perfect!
Souq Waqif and Islamic Cultural Center.

Greg and Donna

Taking a girl pic and something must have just been hilarious! So funny I can't remember!

Donna and me...just a little wind blown.

Dede, Donna and Me

Little blurry but this is the view from the boat.

On our way back to the dock

Cultural Center (kinda like a museum)

Internationally acclaimed Museum of Islamic Art
(check out the very top part of the was designed to look like the eye slits of the traditional dress for women here in the middle east)

Group Shot!
Jacksons, Isaacsons, Junods, Duncans, Scotts, Picketts, Harris's, Griders, Feghalis, Warners

Georgia and I grabbed a quick last lunch with Donna this week at Thai Shack...our favorite lunch tradition!

Totally unaffected by lemons. Loves them like they're beef jerky!

And for their last supper...we had dinner one last time the night before they flew home. We also celebrated a few birthdays. Most important we celebrated Macie's 6th birthday at her choice, Pizza Express!

Cooper and his Wanna-be! Brooks adores Cooper.

Getting her fruit servings for the day.

Hugs all around...Praise the Lord the camera wasn't around for my tears!

There are endless memories with this sweet family and we look forward to more someday somewhere. See you soon Duncans! We love you and miss you!


Christine said...

That just puts a lump in my throat reading this entry. I am so sorry so many of your close friends have moved. Although, praise the Lord He has sent some new ones your way. Praying for you as you adjust without some of your besties around. I KNOW how important it is to have those people in your life.

Jackie said...

Such a fun going away party! :) I know the Duncan's will be missed in Doha!! There's just something about Doha...all of our friends became our family over there...hard to explain. Good thing almost all roads lead to Houston someday right??!! :)

James Sanborn said...

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