Sunday, October 31, 2010

Arrrr Ladies and a birthday!

After one too many corrections with Barrett in full character and with lots of enthusiasm he finally got it right. Its "mateys" instead of "ladies".

October 28th was a full day
The boys both wore their pirate costumes to school for big Halloween celebrations!

Barrett walking into school, minus a few pirate accessories.

Brooks' class room all set up for a preK party!

Party activities!

These are our sweet friends the Beatys.
Acacia is in Brooks' is class and I am friends with Libby her mama!

cute little cracker spiders one of the other homeroom moms made

I was a little reluctant to be a homeroom mom for some reason but its been such a joy to do for Brooks. I basically just follow directions from the other 2 moms that are more experienced than me. I love the chance to see Brooks at school and do fun activities and parties with him and his friends. And I really love leaving the "mess" at school rather than having it at my own house.

Mrs. Chaplin and her friendly spider reading a Halloween book.

Treat bags with balloons all the way from Texas. Thanks to Jackie and Nick! They were a big hit!

The Halloween obsession is a bit funny to me these days. Such evil lovers and at the same time ridiculous haters. From one extreme to the other. I am NOT a fan of scary stuff whether it be a movie or actually being scared by my husband who likes to jump out of dark places.
But Halloween can be a lot of fun and seeing it through my boys eyes has been so enjoyable. Seems to me that there's a lot scarier things in our world to worry about that Halloween. And too bad people put so much energy into something that should just be silly! So we're going to have fun and keep it happy because the boys are loving every second.

We intentionally didn't wear any face paint to school since that seemed like a disaster. But Barrett came home with a face full...not a pirate but a butterfly, he said :) Hum...

As usual Halloween and my birthday usually collide which is fun! My neighbor and sweet friend Jennie made me a Paula Deen peanut butter cake! So awesome and delish!! The top said "HPY BDAY" in peanut m&m's - gotta work with whatcha got in Doha.

Thursday night I enjoyed dinner out with my family. Nick and I dined at a delicious Thai food restaurant while the boys munched on their Happy Meals we got them.
Yikes on the smiles!

Poor Georgie has been sick and you can see it in her eyes. She's been a trooper to put up with following all the Halloween demands!!

And we finished off our night with some ice cream cake from DQ that Daddy brought home.

Although they might resemble Halloween cards, these are my birthday cards the boys made me. sweetness! Hopefully one day they'll forgive me throwing them away. Had to take pictures so we could remember such b.e.a.utiful artwork. They told me they were making a secret and then as discretely as a preschooler can be, they asked for a few favors. Brooks covered the entire card with his hands and left me some room to write "Happy Birthday" to the lucky lady. And Bear asked if I could draw him a heart so he could color it. Who knew I was the receiver ;)

Brooks' card. Maybe he had grander plans and then just nixed them. Not sure.

Bear's card... and my alien baby Georgia. Bless him!


Rick and Beth said...

Those birthday cards are a scream! Love that kiddie art!

Jackie said...

Great job on the party!! :) You go Lead Homeroom Mom!! The green silly string bowl looked fun!