Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Whole Hands Worth!

Well I've been working on this post for a week but finally able to complete it. Nick has been in Houston all week and weekend so things have been a little crazy. Gotta catch up, I don't want to forget the big day we had for Brooks. Our sweet first born turned 5 last Saturday on the 2nd so of course we celebrated! We enjoyed every second and are so thankful for our friends that came to celebrate. This was the first party we've had at our house without a grandparent...honestly made a huge difference when prepping for the home party. When Barrett turned 2, Tatty was visiting us here which was awesome.
Hosting at our house + extra baby + "Doha" - grandparent = crazy day!
If a birthday falls over the weekend, I'll plan a little better next time. I really missed the chance to celebrate Brooks with just our family. Lesson learned but we still had an awesome time partying with our 5 year old!

Birthday Brooks requested cinnamon cake and that's just what he got. Well, Cinnamon Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing.

Over the summer we bought this water slide so Brooks could have a "summer" birthday party while we're in Doha. Not likely we'll be swimming for future birthdays back in the USA!

A few weeks before the party we did a trial run with the slide (thank goodness). The motor just stopped working so we were in a tizzy to get it fixed or find additional entertainment. We were able to get the slide motor fixed a few days before the party but we rented this bounce house for back up. You would have thought our house was DisneyWorld to the Bees.

The couldn't stop moving or screaming with excitement.

The majority of our close "little" friends moved over the summer but we are SO thankful for new friendships and of course the old ones.

Brooks also requested Pizza, which was nice and easy!

Candles and Cupcakes!
(minus little sister who was snoozing for most of the party)

Once awake...She was in demand!

Presents - mostly Legos, which is a first for us. How in the world do you store and organize legos? Seriously, how?

Bear and Daddy (poor Nick worked his absolute tail off. Its simple things like finding ice, that Doha threw our way)

Brad and Linsday Harris - party helpers...thank goodness!

Mrs. Dede wasn't allowed to walk out the door without her special hand picked favor by Brooks. Pink Heart Shades!

Big Birthday Boy with his BIG new bike! Thank you Tatty!!

After a little bike riding...Brooks and I decided he needed a helmet. This big ol bike is fast and takes some getting used to. The brakes are on the handles plus it was bought with some size to grow into. DJM, but I kinda thought helmets were for pansies...I know that's horrible. I just didn't grow up wearing one or knowing anyone who did. Well, don't things change with a little perspective and being a mama! We're now wearing a helmet to protect that 5 year old head!

Family Birthday Time

Sister and Brooks

She's seriously gainin' on the 5 year old. Soon to be Little Crawler!

Brooks turned Woody

Sheriff Woody found some extra PJs in one of his presents.
Can you hear the joy that came from these PJs...thank you Disney Store.

We are so thankful for William Brooks. He's one of kind and such a blizzard of Nick and me. I always wonder what uniqueness will stick but there are few fun notable characteristics I want to remember.

Brooks is detail oriented, has a great memory, is a rule follower but daring when it comes to being a BOY, hates to fail but quick to try again, has a convicting conscious, loves to write and draw, lives for PE and computer days at PreK, loves music but dreads music class, hates going to bed, when he's tired he's totally irrational, loves football, give him an inch and he'll usually take a mile, affectionate and sensitive to his mommy, encouraging and protective of Barrett, head over heals in love with Georgia, and wants to be just like Daddy.

My dad always says that the love you have for your children just keeps growing. Just when you think you're about to pop and you couldn't love them any do! I love my babies so much and have a hard time finding the right mental and spiritual balance of remembering that they're just mine for a designated time, however long that may be. Gods given me so much grace raising this first born. I've made a lot of mistakes and learned more than he has!

Cheers to year 5! Can't wait to see wassup in year 6!!


Shannon said...

SUCH A GREAT TOY STORY BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday to Brooks! Looks like it was nothing but a huge success. My favorite picture is the two boys in their Buzz and Woody jammies....priceless. Love you and miss you!

Jennie and Eric said...

Love, love the photos!!! I love the part at the special :)

Caryn said...

So FUN!! I am loving the buzzed-bees and the swim party in October - fantastic. And yes I think your house was most definitely disney with TWO bounce/swim houses - PAR-TAY!!!

Those jammies are just too precious, I may be making a little order for two other little Toy Story fans around here because they would die and they are just too cute!!

I loved your sweet words for your first born. Makes me tear up thinking about how much they have grown and how much they have changed and will continue to change. Five has been a great age so far, lots of independence and boundary pushing (at least for III) but great none the less.

Love you!

Katy said...

Girl! How are we celebrating 5th birthdays with these kiddos??? wow. Time has absolutely flown.

Brooks looks SO old to me. He has grown like a weed this year! Little Georgia brings a big smile to my face and a little chuckle--I need to hold her! little darlin

Lastly, I also love the TS pjs. Definitely a keeper pic!

Ashley Hall said...

Well you knocked it outta the park of course and I am sure big B loved every minute! My GEJ is so big and bright eyed! Little doll in AL's cherry outfit that maybe you gave her! Just love that Brooks and loved reading those sweet words about him!

shannonmichaelis said...

Big Bee looks so OLD! Man does he ever. And I still love that photo of your eldest and your youngest smiling together. Wish we had been there for the blow-up central in Doha. Justin still doesn't quite get why we weren't there at the par-tay. And yes, we are ordering the Toy Story PJs. Even Derek loved them! Cannot believe that boy is getting so old, and so wise in his years. See you guys in 2 months!