Monday, October 18, 2010

October Begins

I love Fall and October. Its not quite the same in Doha as it is at home in Texas but we manage just fine. The temperatures have been a teensy bit cooler (mid to upper 90's rather than above 100), plus the humidity isn't too bad. Last year I stocked up on some cans of pumpkin so at least our house has the potential to smell like fall.

The day after Brooks' birthday and party Nick left for Houston. He worked all week and returned to Doha just in time to start another week of work. Darn the time change and long flight! I decided being apart is especially for no fun for the person who is in Doha. Its not a bad place but its misery when the one you love is seeing family and friends, shopping at Target, wearing long sleeves and eating TexMex! We survived just fine...especially after the bag full of treats he brought from home.

Nothing extra special to blog about from the last few weeks but I always like to remember the usual stuff.

Instead of hunched over in her sink-tub Georgie sits up as happy as can be by herself.

While Nick was out of town we had friends who took really good care of us. One night Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Dede treated us to dinner. Just next door to the restaurant is a new Christmas store. Seriously...IN DOHA! It looks a little like Hobby Lobby about 10 years ago, but its Christmas! Here's Mr. Jerry and Santa workin' it!

Santa was dancing and singing Christmas carols..the boys were hanging on every word! They're so excited about Christmas because it means we're getting on a airplane to go to Texas.

After dinner the munchkins and I headed to least we could pretend we were home!

We have arrived...I have the children who want to eat that nasty rainbow ice cream and then they want to add sprinkles.

Picture of daddy and Brooks with a few highlights from the Houston luggage. The Transformer daddy is playing with was intended for Brooks from Tatty but I'm pretty sure Daddy enjoyed it just as much, if not more. Tatty also sent Snuggies for the boys. I seriously get tickled every single time I see the boys with them on. They are super cute and such a good idea.

Bear snuggied in his Snuggie.

Just a few things from the pharmacy and baby isle at Target...

We had some really sweet friends and family send us all loads of fun comfort items from home by way of Nick. It really was such a pick-me-up thanks to Tatty, Honey, Aunt Sissy, Aunt Mouse, Shannon and Jackie. Thank you for all the thoughtfulness!

Aunt Monica sent some toys and a bag full of fun Halloween stuff. The scary teeth were a fave.

Georgia can officially be described as mobile. Fun for her...challenging for the rest of us. She can't stay away from her oldest brother for too long. They are such little lovies.

On the move...

With exercise and mobility, comes an appetite. She is serious about eating. Nursing itsn't doing taking care of business so we've added a little baby rice and oatmeal cereal to the diet. I've got to get motivated...she's ready for the real deal!

Still a little messy but no problem enjoying every bite and a full bowl.

Saturday we went to Macie's birthday party. Bittersweet, once again since there are only 7 days left before Macie and her family move back to Houston. We loved the "Doha" party which was packed full of the usual intense music volume, energetic MC with the unnecessary microphone, magic tricks (including fire) and entertainment (dancing, games, etc). This time it also included a birthday throne for Miss Macers!

The boys and birthday girl!

Itsy Bitsy Spider just learned to sit for a few seconds on her own. The girl won't sit long enough to practice and learn, which I guess is why she's already crawling.

Lunch with Daddy!
beware of blur!

Our Little Pumpkin!
Thanks Aunt Sissy for the pjs!

These two will be double trouble.

Biggest brother...not a night goes by without some lovin' from Brooks.


Sybil K said...

First...your children are beautiful and so photogenic (or is it just your mad photography skills?!)

Second...Georgia looks JUST like her daddy~so sweet!

Third...where the heck is this Christmas store?!

Caryn said...

Oh I just love seeing pictures from your life. I'm always so excited to see a new post pop up!! I can't believe how big that sweet baby girl is getting. I didn't even ask how life was without Nick on the scene, I can only imagine...just seven more weeks until those rolls are revered and you are HERE!!

The kid snuggies are hilarious, I am pretty much making a Christmas list for Stacey and Wyatt via whatever it looks like your boys love on the blog :).

Kelley Van Der Meer said...

Ahaha! I laughed when I read about friend Macy's bday party..."intense volume, unnecessary microphone, magic tricks (FIRE)!" So true and so funny! And, looking at that drawer of familiar meds...I'm having serious Target envy. :)

amanda said...

i cant believe georgia is already crawling! i guess thats what happens when you have two big brothers to keep up with. she is just so cute!

Jenise Livesay said...

Just enjoying a little time with the Junods! Love you all so much!

Katy said...

Um I am dying laughing at the Doha party with unecessary microphone and magic tricks!!!! hysterical!!!! Seriously, that is so funny.

Now, next topic. Missy poo Georgia lou. love her and all her Halloween duds! you know it! and her daddy just went and spit her out! I'm telling you! :) love that too! i want to squish her!

Next--I'm with ya on the food thing--always had to get motivated because I do not love the baby food stage!

Lastly--I think AM needs a snuggie.
miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Kacey said...

I can't believe how big Georgia is!!! She is a pretty little nick:) glad you got some treats from home. The snuggies are the funniest!!!

Jackie said...

What??!!! The first picture of Georgia taking a bath!!!!! So so sweet!! I love her! Her little rolls are too much! And B&B look so BIG! Seriously, they have changed so much in just a few months! Miss ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley Hall said...

So this post really was so hard for me to look at. Kinda made me teary that I couldn't reach over and grab those munchkins! When did your three grow up so fast?! Seriously! They are changing too fast especially my GEJ!December will be here before we know it! Thank the Lord! Snuggies are hilarious for sure!

Lindsey said...

Hi friend!! It's been awhile! I'm trying to catch up on your busy life. :) I hope we get to meet! I know we will be moving again. We're never in one place for too long. How much longer does COP have you in Doha?

shannonmichaelis said...

Snuggies are hilarious! Just now catching up. Man, Georgia is too big if she is sitting up on her own! The Santa photo and the neon fangs are hilarious. Can't wait to see you guys!