Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day in Doha

Well Valentines was on Sunday which is the first day of the week so we were back to school and work as usual. The boys woke me up with new Valentine Camel Slippers. (Only in Doha) Nick apparently told them the night before that he would leave the new slippers by their door and each of them could bring one to me when they woke up. And they did! The slippers are adorable and I can't have too many with all these tile floors combined with my very pregnant body :)

After a breakfast of champions (heart-shape KrispyKremes and pancakes) for my sweethearts we were off to school with our Valentines in tow.

Doha doesn't provide pre-packaged typical American child thanks to we were able to get some and make our own. Nick took the Bees to pick out candy for their friends. Gummy hamburgers, sour Skittles, and sour worms...YUM! Turns out there wasn't a whole lot of Valentine's day activities at school but the boys had fun. I don't think anyone else took Valentines to pass out.

After school we had a Valentine snack of little Red Velvet heart cakes and Red Gatorade.

Daddy came home with flowers for mommy and new toys for the boys. We put him to work for our special dinner by grilling steaks for the adults and sausage for the boys. Then we feasted on our fine china in the dining room and drank raspberry ice from our crystal...a first for us as a family.

Barrett would have been just fine eating strictly cranberry sauce shaped hearts for his dinner. I spent time on twice baked potatoes that neither of them cared about.

One thing we can count on is Brooks eating sausage.

I spent most of my afternoon actually making red velvet cake balls. This was a first time experience for me and they turned out pretty good. Little labor intensive but very tasty. Finally found a great red velvet recipe...that might be the trick.

Valentine gifts...

Seems funny but the boys always love playing with their friends' super hero costumes so...
Meet our very own Spiderman

Barrett couldn't pull himself away from the Starburst to open his present.

Finally...I present...BATMAN!

They of course want to LIVE in these costumes 24/7. After 5 minutes of trying to nap in them, they decided it was a little uncomfortable.

I'm still not a huge fan of characters BUT I've broken my hatred after seeing the smiles that are are a result of these crazy characters. What will I ever do with Cinderella, the Beauties, Belle, etc? I know the day will come and it will bring more joy than I can imagine.

Happy Valentines Day from Doha!


Caryn said...

Oh what a precious Valentine's Day at your house!!! LOVE the super hero costumes my boys are CRAZY for them. We haven't' seen the muscular batman though - love it! The camel slippers are fantastic! Looks like there was lots of love in Doha.

shannonmichaelis said...

Justin would have been on the candy as well. Love the muscles outfits! And those cake balls. You still can't twist my arm to try and attempt that. No joy for me in that one. But yours looked swell!

Shannon said...

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SUPER HEROES! I cannot tell you how many times I have seen Batman or Spiderman around my house. I sort of miss it now! Just wait until Miss G is all decked out in princess garb and plastic high heels. We will miss these days like crazy 20 years from now!

Katy said...

oh sister----you better start praying for a love of all things dress up and character! :) I think girls are way lopsided in this area! Anyway, love seeing those bees in their superhero outfits. so cute. Great job on the cake balls! I've never attempted it, but I want to! what a fun mommy you are!

Arvil's Wife said...

Your boys are so cute. Please share the cake recipe. I too have trouble with a good red velvet!

Jackie said...

Ok, I'm trying to figure out how to comment on your blog since I check it ALL the time! lol You did an awesome job of making Valentine's Day special!...and Where did Nick find the slippers!? So cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsey said...

Those cake balls look amazing! You are so cute with all the Valentine themed things you did for your boys. I can't wait to see what you do with your little girl! :)

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