Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hong Kong Beauty Center

Before I forget I must post my experience from Hong Kong Beauty Center so that I treasure the laughs and make plans to go back. Last week I did myself and Nick a favor by making an appointment to get a massage. I plan on getting one every day when I get to Heaven. Poor Nick takes frequent begging from me.

I follow a blog Qatari Adventures, that gives great local reviews and posts very funny happenings that occur in Doha. And recently she gave Hong Kong Beauty Center a good review so I suckered my dear friend Dede in to going with me.

We arrived at the "women only" beauty salon optimistic and anxious for our Chinese massage. Knowing good and well we weren't going to get the 5 star hotel spa experience we were still looking forward to a relaxing morning for a good price. Both of us were warmly greeted and then went our separate ways. No paperwork just skipped right to business.

Sure 'nough it wasn't the typical spa experience but good none-the-less. The large room I was taken into wasn't prepared with a light or music plus, I wasn't given any instructions about undressing. We played charades back and forth until I understood what to take off and where to lay down. I walked my ever-so-insecure, mostly naked body across the room over to 1 of the 2 beds. She really wasn't sure what to do with a pregnant girl on her massage table. But she honestly did a great job once we got going. I was a little distracted my the silence and someone coughing outside the room for the first 20 minutes but it was honestly manageable. Little more distraction came when she flipped on the Chinese 50's music.. I kept thinking to myself how Dede, my "Dallas girl" was going to kill me for this hilarious Doha experience. But turns out Dede's experience wasn't quite as comical and she enjoyed every bit of it without any similar distractions :) I wrote down "Sarah's" name and I'll be making my next appointment with her :) Following our massages we decided to stick around for a pedicure. Considering we paid about $60 total for a pedicure and 1 hour massage we got a pretty sweet deal! We'll be back!!

Dusty day in Doha...great day for a massage!

Truck full of sheep and goats on my way to the appointment...


Pretty cute...not so much a "spa" but that's ok.

We're looking a little rough with our greasy hair and very little make up. BUT notice the fake bamboo and stuffed pandas. Love it. Oh and the Hello Kitty"ish" chairs.

BONUS...we got this scary moisture mask to take home.


Sabina said...

Hilarious. Scary beauty mask. Hilarious. You are a brave woman Wendi Junod!

shannonmichaelis said...

That mask is going to give me nightmares! That whole thing just makes me want to crack up - get it? :-) Glad you had someone to "spa" it up with!

Lynn said...

I agree! That was a hilarious Doha adventure!

hugs, Lynn

Sybil K said...

I can't wait until AFTER you have the baby and you drop in for a full body exfoliation. It is totally comical, as well (but, well worth it!).