Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Italian Job

Last week the ladies in my compound got together for dinner. Our husbands are all employed by the same company but we all do a variety of things during the week due to our kids' ages or just busy schedules. These neighbors/friends are one of a kind for me. I suppose I'll never live in a neighborhood where I'll have as many dependable people as these. Our situation here puts us in a unique situation. I'm beyond thankful for the simple idea that these ladies are on my street, around the corner or a few streets over.

We ate a restaurant new to me, The Italian Job at the Ramada. Food and atmosphere were great! Very Italian feel :) The sign had us a bit concerned....could be one of those situations where things are very entertaining or painfully embarrassing for either us or those trying to entertain.

Turns out it was pretty funny. Great combo...Filipino singing waiter, at an Italian restaurant, in the Middle East. Honestly...a bit awkward at times but overall we had some great laughs.