Saturday, February 27, 2010

Camping Trip #1

We successfully took our first over night camping trip with our boys. 5 families - 14 boys and 1 sweet little girl. We left on Friday about 1pm and drove to the west coast of Qatar just north of Zekreet. When we reached the coast it was windy and 98 degrees. As we've learned the weather can always change so we continued on and enjoyed our afternoon and evening very much. The wind died down just enough to keep us cool and help us sleep comfortably.

When we say camping in the desert...we mean the desert. Polar opposite from Nick's usual camping environment in the East Texas Piney Woods.

We stopped a few times to check out a variety of camping sites. There were tents not far from this crazy old structure. We played but didn't stay.

The color in these pictures is pretty acurate. Because of the wind, the air was dusty, plus there were a few clouds. It was hot but not sunny.

Nick on the edge...

Jake and Bear at the bottom before attempting to climb up.

Setting up camp

Play time

The water was cold. Barrett didn't notice.

Not only does Barrett dig in the sand, he has perfect timing for his nose in the picture with his mommy. Really?

Mrs. Jodi served up her own sushi...she had an entire fan club!

No need to even slice it for Nick. Why not eat it like a tortilla?

Just before starting the fire the sun started to go down and the dust had cleared. The water was perfect and the sunset was a picture that didn't feel like Qatar.

Wrapping up dinner and prepping for smores.

Barrett and Calum - buddies!

Much to our surprise the boys went to bed easily and slept very well. They played hard and stayed up as long as they could but crashed soon enough. As did mommy and daddy. Nick had a great tent set-up for us and we had plenty of room for our air mattresses. Unfortunately the sun rises by 5am but thankfully we were up early to notice the in-coming tide. We quickly moved our tents and got things packed up. We were hoping for a sunny day at the beach but the wind picked up and left us with a dusty day so we headed home a little early.

Might be a while before we're camping again considering we'll have a baby but I look forward to doing it again. The boys had so much fun. I thought being pregnant might put a damper on things but I don't sleep very well in my own bed at this point so whats the difference in a tent on a air mattress. Plus I enjoyed just sitting on the beach enjoying the scenery. Next time we'll try to plan around better weather and for an extra night or two. Camping is a lot of work...prepping and cleaning up. Thanks to our Daddy who did everything. It was well worth it for these first timers.


Caryn said...

Oh camping...last time I did it was with you guys and I'll be honest I am just fine with no plans for camping on the horizon for me ;). However the beach might be a different story. You guys make it look very appealing. Looks like some serious family fun. And what a treat to have so many boys to hang with.

I've never seen sushi at a campout before!! And I can't believe Bear would just go for it. I'm sure this experience has broadened all of your pallets for the better.

shannonmichaelis said...

I second Caryn on the no plans on the horizon for camping. Unless there is shopping for the day on the agenda. :-) Although I am sure Derek would love camping on the beach! Looks like hog haven for the boys. Looking forward to the day when Justin and his father can do something like that!