Monday, December 10, 2012

Turkey at ASD

I must document a very important day not just that we celebrated Thanksgiving at school but also a culinary accomplishment.  

Since I volunteered to be the Home Room Mom for Brooks and Barrett's classes I'm a pretty busy mama when it comes to party day.  I always recruit extra help so that its fun and not too much work.  We of course go to school and work on the actual Thanksgiving Day so celebrating at school was actually special.  

First up was 1st grade.  The entire first grade celebrated together which was awesome but each class made their own Stone soup to enjoy along with turkey sandwiches and a pumpkin desert.  Each student brought in a different food to contribute to the soup.  It cooked all morning and then the whole first grade gathered in the hallway for lunch. 
Brooks has been challenged this year and we're prayerful that he's gonna be bigger and better because of it at the end of 1st grade.  whew!  He and the other 13 boys in his class are learning self control and how to make good decisions together.  His teacher is amazing and we couldn't be more thankful.  It was easier to ask them to make silly faces than smile.  You get the idea.
 After lunching in First grade it was one to Kindergarten and a serious feast.  They were decked out in their hats!  Barrett's teacher is such a treasure and she does the absolute best job encouraging her students to learn, accept and enjoy each other and their differences.  She likes to go all out for certain traditions that are specific to each culture. So for Thanksgiving she wanted a FEAST!  I love her so much, I was happy to coordinate it.  My job was the turkey and dressing.  MY FIRST TURKEY!  It was a huge success, thanks to my sweet friend and neighbor, Gena.  She introduced me to the Joy of Cooking cookbook.  I followed the recipe and her suggestions carefully and cooked my bird.  Other parents filled in for everything else we enjoyed the tastes of home!  Mr. Heney, one of the principals who the kids adore came to enjoy our lunch too. Barrett's best buddy Christoph and his mom.
 Barrett and friends

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