Sunday, December 30, 2012


Nick has been off work along with the boys school holiday.  ITS AWESOME! We have never spent any time in Doha with him at home.  Of course the weekends but not vacation.  A few days before Christmas it was especially great.  We spent our days together and were able to share the Christmas shopping and grocery shopping, which isn't usually the case. 

One long errand consisted of waiting in the Aramex line.  The boys patiently waited and snacked on shwarmas but were very excited to see what was shipped to us from our families in Texas.  I believe they sent an entire Target store and more! It was so much fun for the boys.  Brooks said daddy's FJ had turned into Santa's sleigh. Thankfully Georgie was home with a sitter napping or someone would have been on the roof! 
 That night we were all in our PJs and loved the surprise of a small group of families from our compound who came to our door caroling! 
 Finally...the gifts from Texas were out of the box (re-wrapped...thank you customs) and under our tree.  On to the real fun...packing peanuts.  This was minimal...we had a white Christmas a few hours later.  We warned about the clean up...

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