Sunday, December 23, 2012

Qatar National Day

A few days ago we were out of school and Nick was off of work for Qatar National Day...similar to our July 4th.  Most everything is closed, except of course retail opportunities for option of spending money.  We chose to spend the day in our PJs and miss the parade and other festivities.  We mostly decided to avoid the traffic and just enjoy each other.  It was nice to have a day off in the middle of the week.  
 The Qataris at Nick's office hosted a little celebration.  Look at Nick's party favor. 
 Georgia checking out a mall display at Villagio in honor of National Day.
 Kissing wanna be Qataris for the day...
 Little dude
 Water coloring outside in the warm weather
 Christmas Tree cookie baking and decorating
 Just as it was getting dark we headed out to find the road pretty empty.  We picked up the local cuisine, shwarmas, falafel and hummus and then headed to our friends, the Griders.  We live on the opposite side of town from where all the celebrating was however Aspire tower, a Doha landmark was lit up like the Qatar flag.
 This car was mild and very homemade for what other Land Cruisers do.  They go all out with entire car wraps with photos and graphics.  Again, we were happy to stay away from the traffic and chaos.  So this little bit of decor was all we witnessed.
 After a little dinner, Mrs. Pam and the kids read some of her cute Christmas books.  Brooks was really curious about the Texas Christmas book. 
Poor Mrs. Pam...I told her to skip pages ;) She's such a trooper and so sweet to our kids. 
Once again we're incredibly blessed to have such wise and wonderful people in our Doha life that pour into us and our kids.  They're just a step ahead and I'll soak up every bit of expertise I can get from them.  I didn't get a good pic of the Griders college aged kids, Alison and Chris but they had lots of fun playing with our littles. Mrs. Pam also helped the kids make "snow" which they were fascinated with!
 Then on to a little tour around their compound to see Chirstmas House of the Year!  All of their lights are timed to music.  Unbelievable in Doha! 
 We were treated to some caroling that was so sweet and very good!!  Made up of a few of the filipino workers from the compound.  Very talented group!
 Then to the roof top for the most spectacular fireworks I've ever seen....also the most expensive show I've ever seen!!!  We were a good distance away but from the roof we could see the show perfectly. 
 Happy Qatar National Day!

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