Monday, December 10, 2012

Tree Lighting Plus

On Thursday evening we were invited to the US Military Base Tree Lighting.  We have never been on base and its not common for anyone other than military or US embassy folks to have that privilege.  We were honored and wouldn't have missed it!  It was an really special way to start our Christmas season.  The tree and setting was very festive.  The service men were dressed in uniform which includes a few of our compound neighbors, so we loved seeing them all dressed up.  

There are just so few moments here in Doha were your heart gets that huge swell with American pride.  We live in such a diverse community, its rare that we're with only Americans.  I'm thankful for that diversity which just intensifies our patriotism when we're with our own peeps!!  Its actually a feeling I've never even felt at home in the United States.  I will never, EVER take my citizenship for granted and the country God has blessed me to call home.  From the minute we drove on the base and through the variety of check points we felt like we were somewhere familiar.  

Bunches and bunches of little American kiddos watching the choir sing! 
The kids are looking for Santa who was on his way in a fire truck.
 He made it!
 Mrs Sherry took Georgia a little closer to get some candy.
Uh oh...too close.  Georgia had a death grip on Sherry. 
 Kids all lighting the tree!
 Brooks and St. Nick
 This worked out well....gotta get the annual picture!
 Georgia is totally oppose to Santa coming to her house!!  Its not a good idea to ask her what she wants him to bring her.  That convo just spirals out of control with fear in her eyes.  She'll be fine. I might pay for therapy later but we'll have some great pictures!
Nick and I left the Tree Lighting and headed straight to his work Christmas party.  Our sweet friends Sherry and Chris were so precious and excited to take the 3 little Junod kids home for pizza and Nemo.  They are grandparents in training that don't need the training.  We have been SO BLESSED by their friendship and love for us.  
Quick change of clothes in the car.
 Santa also made it to the work party!
 Can't miss posting this cute picture of our beautiful friends the Venables.
 Don't judge but the work party gotta little crazy.  Gangnam contest...and the Scot won!! I seriously love the kilt.  That's not a joke! He's Scottish to the bone!! The question is, where is Nick for this opportunity??

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Ashley Hall said...

No kidding, where is Nick during GS!?! You look beautiful! Bless sweet Georgia! Such a fun night for your fam! What a blessing!