Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas at School

Since living in Doha we have always skipped out of school early before the Christmas break.  This year it was fun to stick around for class parties and a slow finish before the break. Usually we kill ourselves to pack and get out of Qatar asap.  We would have loved to pack up and head home but this year the Lord had different plans for us so we enjoyed finishing school and celebrating with our classmates and teachers. 

Georgia had a little song program that was pretty much straight chaos but still something we wouldn't dare miss.  This was one of those moments my camera was in the air just guessing that the lens was pointed in the right direction.
 Not sure Georgia had seen me at this point...eventually most of this little cute school was crying for their mama! 
 Both of the boys made these Reindeer Nose little treats for their classmates.  Seriously Pinterest and Etsy keep people alive over here in the desert!  The boys helped with these treats which at this point makes any effort totally worth it.  They were so excited and so proud to give them to their friends.  We improvised the noses with Maltesers instead of Whoppers and cherry gummies instead of red gumballs.  Team effort for this one...thank you Daddy for hunting down Rudolph noses.
We also scored these cute ceramic Santas for our teachers.  Doha, you've come a long way!  They may have been sold in the US 20 years ago at KMart but they're pretty darn cute and worked just perfect for our teachers. 
First up on Thursday morning was a pancake breakfast with hot chocolate for Bear's class.  They loved it and gobbled it up!!
 His teacher is so special. She is so experienced and so mindful of what these little thinkers need to practice and learn.  Confidence in themselves and respect for others are at the very top of her priorities. She had them all stand up and walk around the table to look each others Santa handywork. 
She also asked Barrett to tell the class about his gift.  I've noticed she often builds them up by requiring them to speak confidently in front of each other.  I needed a little more of that growing up...still makes me nervous!
 And in the afternoon, it was on to Brooks' party which was easy peasy. I love these teachers who prefer simple and less distraction from the already crazy day.  We decorated cookies.  Then watched Charlie Brown Christmas with hot chocolate and popcorn.
 I'm not even sure Charlie Brown Christmas would be allowed in a typical American school.  It actually talks about Jesus' birth and the real meaning of Christmas.  Doha rebels!
 Brooks also was asked to tell about his treats.  How nice not to just toss our little project in all the backpacks and mostly great practice for Brooks.
 Our weekend breakfast of champions!

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