Thursday, December 27, 2012

Starry Night at the Singing Dunes

Well I think it might have been one of my most favorite nights ever in this place we currently call home.  We left mid afternoon with some friends and headed to the Singing Sand Dunes, one of our favorite Doha spots but it was unlike any other time we've ever been.

By word of mouth we were invited to join a big group for their annual caroling and bonfire at the Dunes.  It was so well organized and such a special night.  
Shot as we drove up.  People started gathering well before we arrived. 
 Headed up the Dunes...we had a full day of rain 3-4 days prior to this so the sand was really unusual and much harder to climb in.  And sadly it didn't "sing" like it usually does.
 View from the top of all the people and cars.  Do you see the wood for the bon fire way down there and the terribly long line for...santa! Thankfully we had already seen him!
 We estimated that there were probably 300 cars.
Our friends the Mercers...once again crazy connection.  They used to live in the same Round Rock neighborhood as one of my Pi Phi sorority sisters.  Now they live in our compound! 
 Our friends the Neckers...we were internet friends before their move to Doha!  Sweet family!!
 Our group...a few of the Griders who were also in our groupie!
 Georgia the gangster.  Not sure!  Maybe that's what happens when you give your kids the healthy food we prepared :)
 I borrowed this picture from my friend who was singing from the Dunes.  We were on the opposite side by the cars.  Very special night to gather and sing songs under a clear sky about the birth of our Savior.  We saw so many people we knew and apparently most of who stayed in Doha for Christmas went to this event. 
One last unique value of the night struck me. There 500-700 people there, no security, no worries of vandalism or safety.  I don't mean we were being stupid, I mean there really seriously was no concern.  Sure we were smart with driving and fire issues.  But all we really needed was a flash light.  I just think its unreal that hundreds of people can gather in the middle of no where...respect each other, respect children and enjoy themselves so comfortably.  That, you might not find anywhere else.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for including us Wendi! We had a fantastic time!