Monday, March 9, 2009

Going Away!

Since moving onto the "sac" (cul-de-sac), we've quickly been introduced to the bummer of friends and neighbors moving away. Which definitely falls into the category of "Doha Days". We live on the only cul-de-sac in our compound and its truly a blessing. First of all we have awesome neighbors who are like family, plus its the place for all the kids in our compound to play. Our next door neighbors moved to Indonesia last month and 2 more "sac" families are now moving. The Guinn's leave Qatar this weekend headed to Houston and the Granmayeh's will move to Russia in the next few months. We are so sad to see them go! We've only a had a short time to get to know them but as you can imagine people connect easily here when they are so far from home. Both the Guinn's and Granmayeh's have been so generous and welcoming to us. We will miss them, their kids and pets :) We will be praying for these friends and their new lives in new places! We also pray that the Lord will continue to bless us with new great neighbors!

Thursday night we had a going away party in the "sac". Lots of friends and neighbors came for one last farewell.

Stacy and Lynnett (the honorees)


**I promise we really were at the party. We were either chasing little boys around or taking pictures!

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