Thursday, March 12, 2009

Come one, Come all...

We just welcomed our very first visitor so I thought I would post too many pictures of our villa. For those who read both Watkins Sister blogs you get way more information and pictures than what you want. Moving across the world causes us to share more than necessary. Nick's mom, Kathy just arrived in Doha and we are on cloud nine! Having a visitor from home will get you seriously motivated to clean house and get organized. Honestly, I moved a couple boxes to take these pictures but for the most part we're settled in so here's a little tour of our new home.


Looking back at our front door - living and playroom to the left, kitchen and laundry to the right

Playroom (just got this furniture, so it looks a little less romper room)

Living room looking from the playroom


Hallway to Laundry Room, Storage Room and Bathroom

Laundry Room and Kennel Room

Storage room aka maid room

1/2 bath


Beautiful arrangement of appliances

Upstairs Living

Hallway that leads to Master

Master Bedroom

Master Bath


Opposite side upstairs (bedrooms and bar, of course)

Medicine Station aka Bar

Guest Bedroom

Guest Bath

Barrett's Room/Nursery

Little hallway to Brooks' Quaters

Boys' Bath (they've learned to shower, no bathtub)

Brooks Room

Thanks for touring A-34. Home sweet home...well home is in Texas but this is where we live :) We are enjoying it and want you to come visit FOR REAL!!!
We are so so thrilled to have Kathy here to visit. Here are few pics from her arrival. The flight landed at 9:30pm so the boys were showered and in their pj's. They were so excited to see her. They waited patiently and with so much anticipation in the airport. It was crowded and the blond headed boys weren't hard miss. The timing of Tatty's visit must have been God's, because we're a little (ok, maybe more than a little) homesick and it was so sweet to see her face actually here in Doha, Qatar!! Even sweeter were the cowboy hats she brought the boys from the Houston Rodeo. We all got a little treat from the Rodeo which was the perfect gift. I'm not sure who was welcoming who when we saw Tatty. I'm hear to tell you, you can take us out of Texas but you can't take Texas out of us. We miss it all and especially our sweet peeps!!


Sharon said...

You have done AMAZING at getting your house put together! It all looks so good! Other than the "all tile" I think it looks very much like a "normal" house!! I love it!! I'm so sorry you are so homesick. I'm super emotional right now (wonder why?!) and reading that made me miss you and sad for you. However, we know that God will give us whatever we need--family, friends, etc. when we need it! I'm glad that Tatty could come and be with you all for a little while!

Kylie said...

Your home is absolutely beautiful! I love it! The no tubs would be hard with the kids-- it's funny, when we lived in Namibia, our bathroom only had a bath and no shower head- and everyone took baths (even the men!) Other cultures can be "strange" like that :)
Hope you're doing well and having some family is helpful for the homesickness!

nanflan said...

Super duper job in combining the old with the new! Hmmm...the bedet, always awkward for me to even look at, I'm such a Westerner. Funny, coming from me, huh? Yeehaw for cowboy hats!

Jenni said...

Love the pictures. There isn't anything better than family visiting! :) Have fun!

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

oh my gosh...the house looks AMAZING!!! so beautiful!!! i am so impressed with you! so glad you have a visitor...y'all have so much fun!!!! can't wait to see pics from barrett's party!

julie mosley said...

Your home is gorgeous! Thanks for the picture tour!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your home is beautiful! Thanks for sharing pictures! Its fun being able to picture where ya'll are now.

Shannon said...

It looks beautiful WEW! Man I wish I could load up and come visit. I love, love, love that playroom.

What a treat to have Nick's mom there. I know you are counting the days until you see your sweet family!

Caryn said...

Wendi it looks SOOOO good!! And I love all the pictures, as far as I am concerned there is no such thing as too many, especially from YOU! I miss you so much, seriously SO MUCH! I am so happy that you have a fun visitor from the mother ship this week!! I hope it's a great visit.

The playroom, makes me drool a little - awesome!

angie said...

Your home is beautiful!!! It looks giant:-) I am so thankful that you got a sweet visitor, thank goodness for grandmas!!!! Thanks for the tour, now I can actually "see" you living there.

Ashley Hall said...

The house looks amazing! So great to see it all put together and all the your Houston stuff in Doha. Not surprised that you have made it look so "homey" and comfortable!

Jan said...

Of course, you've made a house your home! How wonderful to get to see where you are sharing these special family days! We all miss knowing you are near, but you can make life the best for 3 blessed guys!love you, Jan