Monday, March 9, 2009

First Sleepover

One of Brooks' best friends, Macie spent the night on Friday night. First time we've ever had a sleepover and its the first time Brooks has shared his room with someone other than Mommy or Daddy! Macie's mom and dad celebrated their anniversary on Friday night so we got a chance to host Macie at our house. She is exactly a year older than Brooks and all girl! Wow are girls different! Macie came prepared with 2 pair of shoes, clothes, swimwear, coloring sets, books, jewelry, more toys and a fully loaded purse. She was prepared to entertain and she did! We'll have to put up some good 'ol fashion boundaries some day with these "boy/girl" sleepovers but until then, Macie's welcome anytime. She's super sweet and the boys just follow her around.

Macie and Brooks are both used to a bedtime routine that usually involves one parent hanging out in the room for a while. Well, not when there are sleepovers involved. We read books, said prayers and these 2 jumped in their beds, rolled over and conked out! Bedtime's never been so easy at our house! And the following morning, Nick woke up to find both of them fully dressed and ready to play at 7:30am. Apparently Macie is a good influence on our independence. We had a great time and look forward to the next!

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Ashley Hall said...

So cute! I can see all of the cousins loving sleepovers in a few years! Macie is too cute and I know Brooks loved it!