Monday, March 16, 2009

The Dunes

We hit the ground running as soon as Tatty arrived. When suffering from a little jet-lag, its best to just go cold turkey and switch to Doha time and she has survived like a champ (with a tiny bit of help from Mr. Ambien) . Friday afternoon we headed out to the Singing Sand Dunes with some great friends. We had good weather and and awesome time in the sand. Most importantly, Tatty climbed the Dune which is incredibly hard and something not everyone is willing to even try.
Setting up shop

Sand Heaven

Mark and Jacob

Donna, Bailey and Isaac

Bailey and Cooper


Nick attempting to catch some speed with some help from his co-worker/friend/neighbor Malcom.

Our new neighbors the Webbs (Malcom's family) are from Scotland. Their little girl, Martha (5) climbed up and down the dunes all day and beat me to the top easily. Every time I stopped to take a break she would say, "are you having a little wait" in the most precious little accent you have ever heard! Let me tell you...I am always having a little wait and I always need a little wait!

Tatty and me at the top. We're just a little tired and very proud of ourselves!

Macie and Martha

Barrett and Jacob making sand angels.

Duncans and Junods

Desert Cowboys

Roasting for Smores

Jackie and Mark

Silly Barrett

Campfire, hotdogs, smores, country music, darkness, family and friends.
We forgot we were in Doha!


Sharon said...

I'm glad you forgot you were in Doha! Looks like a BLAST! I want to know if HONEY is going to climb the dunes when she comes??? I'm fully confident that Papa will!

shannonmichaelis said...

I want to do this when we come! Looks so fun and so different! I want to take breaks, though, without feeling bad about it!