Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cultural Day

Today was Cultural Day at the boys' school. Every child was supposed to bring or wear something that represented their nationality or culture. They were also encouraged to bring food from their home country. As usual I took lots of pictures...I'm taking so many that my Mac keeps warning me that we're running out of storage :0 But these pictures are for our family that cares about every single detail. Of course, the boys went dressed in their football gear. Obviously that's our Junod/Watkins culture and we're staying strong while we live in a country that refers to football as another sport! Oh no...not at our house. Its soccer! So we took pigs-in-a-blanket to represent little hot dogs. The boys LOVED wearing their football gear.
I was actually shocked to find out how diverse their school is. They go to Apple Tree, one of the many nurseries (aka...preschools) here in Doha. Their school has only been open for a year and its packed! Packed with expat kids. There are only a couple of Qataris. I was amazed at all the different nationalities. We have a flexible window of time to drop off and pick up our kids so I don't usually run into other moms or mums ;) The directors are from Ireland and they are absolutely incredible. So professional and nurturing to the kids. The boys school was one of the first experiences that paved the way for opening my heart and changing the way I look at things. Our culture and western world brainwashed me into thinking that our way is the best and only way for everything. Now, there ain't no school like Parkway Hills Preschool in Plano (directed by our Honey), of course. But I'm really not even talking about schools...its just a mentality even in the simple things that's changing for me. Our God is the God of the entire universe. His children are from every nation and tribe. What a blessing it has been to be exposed to the beauty he created in His children. I'm so thankful my boys get to see and hear the diversity. Today was a great Doha Day!

This is artwork from Barrett's class. Each paper child is holding a flag representing their home country. Barrett is the only 100% American in his class. There is one other child with one parent that is American.

Another artwork display with representative flags.

Parents were invited to join their kids for the special party celebrating Cultural Day. What a spread. I was really hoping for some little description tags on everything. We played it safe and ventured only a little...the scones with fresh whip cream were our favorite.

Nursery Director from Ireland

Bear's hat that he made with handprints

This little boy's parents are from Lebanon and Scotland


Netherlands...look at those precious Dutch shoes


Flags in Barrett's class room

A few hours after celebrating with Barrett's class, I went back to school to celebrate with Brooks. Some of the 4 year olds spoke up in front of everyone to do "show and tell" plus Brooks' class sang a few songs. Sweet Brooks was as shy as could be but enjoyed some serious food.

Our BFF Macie was first to speak up loudly and tell us she was from Houston and show her Texas star..."atta girl"

Miss Hannah (Brooks' teacher)

Brooks enjoying a Belgium waffle with Macie


Sharon said...

That is SOOOOOO neat!! What a great experience and fun time! Very cute football players, too!

nanflan said...

I love cultural diversity! I'm so glad y'all are given this opportunity. The boys won't get that kind of cultural lesson from the books. So cool!

Miranda said...

Hey Wendi. I dont know if you remember me or not but I also went to Midway (class fo '06) as well. I have been reading your blog for a while and loving hearing about your days in Doha. And also like you I am now living in Houston, well for the past 3 1/2 years anyways. SO I have just one question. How come the boys are not wearing their TEXANS jerseys? HAHA.

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

that is so awesome...i love how they get the kids and parents involved at that school!!!

also...i just made cd's of all my pictures and delete the old one's so i have more room. you could also get an external hard drive. you probably already knew all of that, but just thought i would say it anyways!!!=)

Kylie said...

Yeah for a great Doha day! I think it is so wonderful the experiences your children are getting. What a neat day for the school to have!

Caryn said...

Wow, what a blessing to your kids to be exposed to so many different, wonderful cultures!! Looks like a great school and great Day!

Katy said...

Ok, I want you to know that with these PRESH pics of your little boys, you are getting me excited about one of my own!!!!!! :)
Seriously though, I am so glad your boys are getting to experience life in a different place. It's SO good for them (and you), and I think they're going to be so well rounded. Yay! miss you...

angie said...

I love that your Junod culture is football:-).That is really so cool that your boys get to see and experience all those different cultures. It just reminds me the song "Jesus loves the little children"!

Ashley Hall said...

That is awesome! The boys representin' Texas well!! All those kids are so cute! And what an eye opening experience! The more pics, the better!

Shannon said...

That really makes me cry! Amazing and such an incredible time in the life of your little men. Love you!

Meredith said...

Hey Wendi!!! Thanks for leaving a comment! I'm loving looking at your blog with the neat experiences from Doha!!! What a unique time in your boys' lives that very few get to experience - I'm sure they'll remember the memories made there forever! I can't wait to check back and see more pictures and read more Doha stories! Oh, and your boys are absolutely adorable and cute!!!

Ethan's Folks said...

Neato! Are those jerseys the same ones that Brody and Baker had on one year for a football pic? We need to get them some Baylor jerseys. Your boys (and you guys too) are very blessed to get to have all of these cultural experiences. I live vicariously through you with your travels around the desert.