Sunday, March 29, 2009

Duning and the Inland Sea

This weekend we took off on a little adventure. Never intended to do what we did, though. Saturday morning we headed out in our swimsuits with all the gear to check out Sealine Beach Resort. We were thinking of spending the day there. You can pay a daily fee to enjoy their beach and nice pools. Turned out to be a cloudy day and not worth spending any money on.

The road actually ends at the resort but lots and lots of people venture off on their own. No road = all sand! Its definitely advised not to off road your vehicle unless you're experienced or with a professional tour. Huge sand dunes run right up to the shoreline where we were. Nick, owner of the FJ cruiser has had the urge to off road just a little! So he asked a couple of guys where they were headed and how the drive was. They were going to the Inland Sea, a popular sight to see and one of the most scenic in Qatar. And a place we've had on our list to see since we've moved here. Most lay eyes on the Inland Sea by taking a professional tour. BUT these guys seemed trust worthy and knowledgeable. They invited us to follow and said we could turn around at any point.

Turns out our adventure didn't include massive sand dunes, mostly flat terrain and a few slightly rolling dunes. Which is all the risk we're (or I am) willing to take. Getting stuck in the sand with the boys and very little food/drink doesn't sound like a fun afternoon. We had a few adrenaline rush moments to say the least. The boys loved it. Mostly we enjoyed the scenery!

We drove from Doha south to Khor al-Udeid (Inland Sea). The water is beautiful. One side is Qatar the other is Saudi Arabia.

Prepping for the soft sand...letting some air out of the tires.

Off into the desert and the dunes.

We made it...and the dunes off in the distance are the ones we stayed away from. Those are for professionals!

Bear and Saudi

Since this was an impromptu adventure we didn't have the freedom to stick around the Inland Sea to swim and play. We certainly would have, but the guys we followed were headed straight back. No chance we were going to try to find our way back to the resort on our own.

Saudi and the beautiful water

Duning our way back...may look simple but that sand is soft and it takes some courage to head up the dune not knowing what's on the other side or if you'll get stuck.

Last little dune of the day....

We finished our afternoon by stopping at a beach on the way home for just a little while. Then to top it off as we were driving home we saw 8 or 9 random camels just hanging out in the middle of the desert close to the highway. 2 were baby camels. The boys loved every bit.
Since we didn't get much playtime I didn't get many pictures while out and about. Then just about the time we saw the camels, my camera battery died.
Shortly after we got home, we experienced our first lightening and thunderstorm in Doha since we've moved here.
Great Spontaneous Doha Day!


angie said...

Isn't it nice to be married to a spontaneous hubby! There are so many things I would never have done without M. I bet your boys LOVED going off road:-).

Caryn said...

I feel like I say it all the time in my comments but I just think the things that you and your family are getting to experience are amazing and so unique!! The picture of little B and Saudi Arabia in the background -, I mean that is some once in a lifetime stuff for most folks!! Hope your continuing to enjoy the adventure.

Anonymous said...

I went "dune bashing" when I was in Dubai and it scared the crap out of me. These guys just go flying up these super high dunes that have gigantic drop offs on the other side. Adrenaline rush for sure. We also got a flat tire while doing it. Quite the adventure. Your pictures and story remind me of my time in Dubai that I enjoyed so much.

The Wilsons said...

Wow! I love reading about your adventures. What memories you are making!

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

wow...that is so awesome!!! i wish i could come visit you!!! y'all are so adventurous!!! so glad y'all are having fun!!!!