Friday, February 6, 2009

Taste of Home

What a day of eating! That's what we get excited about in Doha. There's a lot of good food here but sometimes you just need a something that tastes like home. Most of the chain restaurants are just a little off to what we have in the States. Even Subway and Pizza Hut are a little differnt. Better than nothing, that's for sure! We need to adjust our expectations a bit. Sooner or later, we'll just forget about the real stuff back at home. BUT today was a day when the taste of home was right on!!

First of all God has blessed us again with incredible friends. I met the LaRoveres at the DC airport on my way back to Doha with the boys after Christmas. They were traveling back to Qatar with their little boys as well. As soon as we were back Jackie and I re-connected and realized we had lots in common. She grew up in Plano and went to PSHS. Her family knows some of my family...and on and on. Pretty amazing!

All that to say Jackie and Mark introduced us today to the best food we've had since Christmas! After church (Friday is Holy Day) we went to Ric's Kountry Kitchen! Praise the good really was a Holy Day after what we ate! Its a lot like a hole-in-the-wall Denny's or IHop. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and its ALL good. Although Qatar doesn't allow any pork in the country there might actually be something porky in Ric's kitchen. Its very close! If its not, it will work! We had chicken fried chicken, gravy, mashed potatoes, a breakfast burrito with SALSA, pankcakes, eggs, and the best was the TEXAS TOAST and GRITS! Oh my word...we were in Doha Heaven and the boys were too! They loved it. Obviously we didn't eat dinner. BUT we did hit the local TCBY tonight after a little house work. I must was just like home. No difference what so ever! White Cholocate Moose! We'll do a little extra workin' out this week to burn off what we ate this weekend but it was worth every bite!

The stuffed Junods and LaRoveres after lunch.

Serious Middle Eastern Hole-in-the-Wall!

TCBY faves...Rainbow Cream and Banilla with sprinkles, of course.


The Berridges said...

You make me laugh! I do have a small understanding. When Brett and I went to Europe last summer we ate at McDonald's 3 times and were anxious for normal food. I can't imagine dealing with that long term. I love to hear how God continues to bless ya'll...even with simple things!

shannonmichaelis said...

grits - vomit! but i can only imagine food tasting like home. looks like sweet friends! so glad you found each other - no small coincidence. miss you like crazy!

Brian Mosley said...

It makes me hungry to read your post. I answered your question about cameras back on our blog. Hope it helps.

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

love this funny! glad y'all had a great meal with some great new friends!!!! love the picture of the boys eating icecream!!!

angie said...

So glad you found some good fried food:) Sorry about the no nap thing...mabey it's just a faze!