Thursday, February 12, 2009

Playdate with the Bees

Today we had a play date and lunch at one of the malls in Doha.
the Bees

Yes, they actually celebrate Valentines Day here. Lots of cheesy stuff. Check out this set up.

Doha Starbucks

After eating lunch in the food court we played at this awesome play area...Circus Land!

We met some dear friends the Volstad boys to play.
I refer to my boys as the Bees, simply because both names start with "B"
But check this are the REAL BEES from left to right.
Brennan, Barrett, Bodee, Brady, Brooks

This place is pretty unbelievable. And we had it to ourselves. The boys obviously had a blast!

Just about all the jumping that Barrett can handle...a little on the side.

First time for bumper cars.


Anonymous said...

I think the men at Starbucks were wondering why you were taking a picture of them. ha ha. The boys in their shirts are TOO cute!!! and all those Bees...what a tongue twister. :) Happy Early Valentines to you guys!!!

angie said...

I LOVE all the Bees:) That play area looks awesome, so nice to have a place like that all to yourselves! I'm glad the sand storm is over. Have a great Heart Day!

nanflan said...

Cheesy balloons???...That's what my house looks like right now:)

Ashley Hall said...

I want to go there!!