Friday, February 13, 2009

Prayer Request

Some of you know my dear friend, Pooh (Jennifer) who I consider a cousin. Her dad's brother married my mom's sister :) Its confusing. So, Pooh and I are related by marriage. We became close friends while we were at Baylor and spent one summer in Waco as roommates. Her dad is in ICU in Little Rock right now. He is dealing with a very serious neurological health issue that doctors can't explain. Last fall Uncle Allen handled this same situation and was literally delivered by God's healing hand 100%. It was truly a miracle before our eyes. Doctors never could explain what happened but none the less we were all so thankful God delivered his body back to health. Over the last week he has again slipped back into a similar desperate situation that needs prayer. He's having severe tremors, halucinations, along with balance and physical challenges. Will you please join us in praying for Allen Smith and his incredible family. God has been glorified through the Smith's in every way. No doubt we have all grown by experiencing this along with them. If you want to keep up with any other details they keep a blog updated daily. It will encourage you beyond what you could imagine! Thank you for praying!

Allen and Margaret Smith

Pooh (Jennifer) and precious Brooke who's 1st birthday is next week on February 20th!

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